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How 5 alumnae of How I Met Your Mother found out they wouldn’t be expecting

AMONG HIS FRIENDS, TED MOSBY HAS always had a reputation for leaping too quickly at love. But when Ted had his first date with Robin Scherbatsky, viewers shared his gut feeling it was a relationship that would last through time. Indeed, on that date, in that very first episode of How I Met Your Mother, Ted began building a beautiful bond with … “Aunt Robin?”

Yes, as any Mother fan knows, the show’s pilot clearly established that Robin would not go on to bear those two bored teens we see forever trapped on the den sofa by a blathering Future Ted. And in its six ensuing seasons, the hit CBS sitcom, full of fakeouts and maternal MacGuffins, has left us both puzzled and clamoring for more. Now, Watch! has tracked down some of Ted’s lost loves to find out how they didn’t become Your’s mother.

Did you know if your character might end up being the mystery mother

Ashley Williams (VICTORIA) – Season 1
“When I heard I got the job, it was my birthday and I was getting calls all day from people. I’d tell them I got a role on the show, and across the board, the first thing out of their mouths was: ‘Are you the mother?!’ My answer was, ‘I don’t know—am I?’ ”

Danica McKellar (TRUDY) – Seasons 1 & 3
“Playing Trudy [who had a one-night stand with Ted, then later hooked up again, possibly as part of a threesome] was fun because that’s so different from me in real life. I have a hard time imagining Trudy being the mother. I mean, she’s pretty slutty.”

Carrie Underwood (TIFFANY) – Season 5
“I actually never asked if Tiffany might end up as the mother, and judging by her character [as a manipulative pharmaceutical sales rep], I wouldn’t think she would be. … But I guess you never know.”

Sarah Chalke (STELLA ZINMAN) – Seasons 3 & 4
“I had no idea at the time if Stella was the mother. That’s part of the ride if you’re watching the show or acting in it—wondering if the next girl Ted meets will be The One.”

- Season 1 – NOW
“I thought when I first started that I was definitely not the mother of Ted’s offspring—and then I thought maybe I might be. I mean, come on—there is a lot of resemblance. Now, I truly have no idea. Could be anyone. Could be you.”

Do you have your own theories about who the mother might be?

Ashley Williams (VICTORIA) – Season 1
“Theories abound because people are protective of Ted—he’s like your brother or best friend—and want him to be with the perfect woman. Whoever she is, the mother will have a lot to live up to—and I’m kind of relieved not to have that on my shoulders.”

Danica McKellar (TRUDY) – Seasons 1 & 3
“I’ve always assumed that the mother would end up being Robin. But if the producers take a cue from The Wonder Years, the on-again/off-again romance will not, in fact, lead to everlasting love.”

Carrie Underwood (TIFFANY) – Season 5
“I’m in the dark as much as everyone else about who the mother is … but I can’t wait to find out!”

Sarah Chalke (STELLA ZINMAN) – Seasons 3 & 4
“Of course I still think it would be cool for Stella to be the mom. I didn’t know she wasn’t the mother until she left Ted at the altar. That seemed like something he wouldn’t forgive her for … or would he?”

Cobie Smulders (ROBIN SCHERBATSKY) – Seasons 1 – NOW
“Who doesn’t have a theory? I think that Robin would be very lucky to end up with a man like Ted—but I think that they will always be close friends.”

Do you think there’s a chance we might see your character again?

Ashley Williams (VICTORIA) – Season 1
“Victoria went to study baking in Germany—and I guess is still there. She’s got to be the world’s worst baker. I think it’d make sense for her to come back and have one last roll in the hay with Ted.”

Danica McKellar (TRUDY) - Seasons 1 & 3
“I would love to do another episode; and I’m almost done shedding my pregnancy weight, so now I’d be doing Mother as a mother.”

Carrie Underwood (TIFFANY) – Season 5
“I would love to be on the show again if they asked me. I had so much fun while I was on the set. Everyone there is so obviously talented. From the cast to the crew, I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience for my sitcom debut.”

Sarah Chalke (STELLA ZINMAN) – Seasons 3 & 4
“I would love it if we did. How I Met Your Mother was the first series I worked on with multiple cameras but no audience. It’s such a fun and creative way to work.”

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