Vintage Glamour Shots

Steven Cojocaru takes a fashion moment—or four

“For me, the greatest ‘fashion moment’ of all time in a film is that first scene in Anna Karenina starring Greta Garbo. You see the train pull into the station and then the smoke clears … and there she is, wearing a fur coat. Magic.”

A moment in 1936’s Desire, starring Marlene Dietrich and Gary Cooper, in which Dietrich plays a thief in the South of France. The highlight: “The police come to interrogate her, and she’s wearing a dark satin camisole trimmed in feathers.”

Norma Shearer played the title role in 1938’s Marie Antoinette, with intricate, over-the-top costumes getting the royal treatment. “The greatest of all time.”

Rita Hayworth in 1946’s Gilda is anything but dated. “I’ll be on the red carpet bitching about J.Lo, and what I’m really thinking is, ‘Why can’t you be like this? Strapless gown and gloves. Fantastic.’ ”

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