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Virginia Bell

Virginia Bell is a full-time writer and astrologer based in New York. She has written for TV Guide, Us Weekly, The Fashion MINI, Tennis Week and Refinery 29 and is a regular contributor on The Huffington Post.


Pauley Perrette, NCIS (March 27)

Recent tension at work eases up in early October and that Aries zest for life returns. When those two game changers, Mars and Pluto, team up Nov. 27 you’re primed for action. Just don’t rush into anything; all great leaders, like Gibbs (NCIS), know you can’t strike without a plan.


Matt Czuchry, The Good Wife (May 20)

True love is never easy; it’s not enough to have Barney’s charm (How I Met Your Mother) or a Gossip Girl‘s trust fund. It requires the right person, perfect timing and commitment.On Oct. 22-29, the planets align to bring you that special person or take a current relationship to a deeper level.


Elisabeth Harnois, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (May 26)

Your ruler, Mercury, turns retrograde on Nov. 6. Act like Callen and Sam (NCIS: LOS ANGELES) on a stakeout: Wait, watch and drink coffee. Your patience will be rewarded Nov. 26 when Mercury moves forward.


Owain Yeoman, The Mentalist (July 2)

Family becomes a priority in early October; make sure to spend time at home with loved ones, beautify your surroundings or create a family ritual like the Reagans’ Sunday dinners (Blue Bloods). Your confidence gets a boost Nov. 9 when you receive kudos from an unexpected source.

LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22)

Josh Radnor, How I Met Your Mother (July 29)

On Oct. 9-15, a missed opportunity comes around again and you get a second chance. This time treat it like an FBI cold case and approach it with fresh eyes and new evidence. A situation at home appears urgent in late November but don’t make a hasty decision- you have time to explore your options.

VIRGO (AUG. 23- SEPT. 22)

Kat Graham, The Vampire Diaries (Sept. 5)

Charming Venus in Virgo beginning Oct. 2 enhances your star power and your social life soars. You have every right to be suspicious in early November when a partner starts acting erratically, especially if money is involved. As Hetty (NCIS: LOS ANGELES) says, “Paranoia will keep you alive in this business.”

LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 23)

Len Cariou, Blue Bloods (Sept. 30)

All your hard work, commitment and personal coaching sessions are rewarded at the Libra new moon Oct. 15, so expect something special. Secrets come out eventually, even for Dexter, so if there’s something you╒re hiding, don’t be afraid to share it Nov. 13-17. You’ll gain a new level of respect.


Heather Tom, The Bold and the Beautiful (Nov. 4)

Tough-love Saturn enters your sign for a two-year stay beginning Oct. 5, and like joining Survivor or NCIS, you’re ready to commit to something big. The Scorpio new moon Nov. 13 gives you the courage to make a brave move. It may look foolish to others but it’s exactly what you need.


Daniela Ruah, NCIS: LOS ANGELES (Dec. 2)

When explosive Mars enters fiery Sagittarius on Oct. 6, your adrenaline is high and your patience is low. That’s like giving Jake (Two and a Half Men) Walden’s Mercedes and credit cards! Find a positive use for that energy, especially in late November, and you can change the world or transform your life.


Charlie Rose, CBS This Morning (Jan. 5)

The new moon along with lucky Jupiter on Oct. 15 brings you an opportunity to join forces with a powerful business partner. Assertive Mars’ entrance into Capricorn Nov. 16 suggests you would benefit from some physical activity. Just don’t go overboard like Molly (Mike & Molly) before her wedding.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20- FEB. 18 )

Dawn Olivieri, House of Lies (Feb. 8 )

Like Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory), you have a genius for far-reaching ideas, and Saturn’s influence on Oct. 5 gives you the discipline to turn one into a reality. The planets on Nov. 9 indicate an exotic trip or romance with a sexy foreigner; think Kalinda (The Good Wife) or Chin Ho (Hawaii Five-0).


Matthew Gray Gubler, Criminal Minds (March 9)

Sure, Max and Caroline (2 Broke Girls) get involved in a lot of wild and crazy schemes, but their spunk and enthusiasm is exactly what’s needed to help you achieve a cherished goal Oct. 9 and 10. A delicate situation demands honesty Nov. 13 and 14; speak the truth with kindness.

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