Date With An Angel

Sarah Rose

Freckle-faced beauty Erin Heatherton dishes on preshow jitters, catwalk thinking and her snoring dog

Watch!: So 24 hours before a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, what beauty rituals do you have?

Erin Heatherton: Nothing specific, but before an important show I am always careful not to do anything too drastic. I avoid anything salty. I’m a big believer in trying to eat as cleanly as possible, in general. I load up on fruits and vegetables.

I always squeeze in a workout. I find a combination of running and yoga gives me the best results. My trainer, Justin Gelband, has floor sliders that help create long, lean muscles, so I don’t get too bulky. (

Watch!: And the night before you hit the catwalk?

Erin: I try to have a relaxing evening in. I’ll put on Ling Skin Care’s Ginseng Therapy Moisture Mask [1] ($36, to make my skin feel extra-soft and smooth before the big day. As soon as I get into bed, I cuddle up with my dog, Eddie. He starts to snore and, for some reason, that helps me fall asleep.

Watch!: When you’re on the runway, what are you thinking about?

Erin: There’s really not a lot of thinking going on. You are so full of adrenaline and excitement. You’re just trying to enjoy the ride.

Watch!: It sounds like there’s a deeper message, though …

Erin: The message is, being comfortable in your own skin makes you beautiful. It’s important to keep reminding girls that loving yourself is what radiates.

Watch!: Do you use any beauty products to help your inner radiance shine?

Erin: I use Rodin body oil [2] ($110, instead of lotions because it gives my skin an amazing glow. For my face, I use a serum and day cream from Colbert MD [3] ($100–$110,


Dream Angels Love Is Heavenly fragrance [4] ($20–$52) and VS PRO Smooth Lip Scrub & Balm [5] ($16), both from Victoria’s Secret.






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