Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joel Harlow.

By Maria Neuman

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There are very few people in the world who lament the fact that there's not enough storage in their workspace for a small army of monsters, ghouls, and underworld creatures. In his San Fernando Valley studio, special effects makeup artist Joel Harlow has enough masks and prosthetic paranormal body parts to make anyone else afraid to turn out the lights. Instead, he recently relocated so he could make and store more.

A sculpture of the Hellboy to create foam rubber body suit for the actor

A sculpture of the Hellboy (2019) body, which was used to create a foam rubber body suit worn by star David Harbour.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joel Harlow.

"I moved about four blocks down from my other studio," says Harlow, who is responsible for designing and crafting (along with a small team) all the creeps on Evil. The one-hour drama tags along with a clinical psychologist (Katja Herbers) who, with the help of a priest-in-training (Mike Colter) and a tech-savvy carpenter (Aasif Mandvi), aims to solve a backlog of New York City mysteries with a mix of faith, skepticism, and science. This is where the fun (and creepy creativity) begins for Harlow, as the series delivers a nail-biting stream of supernatural enigmas.

Waiting room of a special effects studio

The lobby of Harlow's first studio space.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joel Harlow.

"Our space is about 3,500 square feet, and we store all the crucial elements of characters that could reoccur," he says. "For instance, on Evil we keep everything mold-related or prosthetic-related, so if a character comes back, we can use all of it."

Another bonus of his new-and-improved studio? The extra space helps his crew keep all the different parts of the effects process separated. "In my old space, you'd have someone grinding plaster next to someone who was doing painting, and that was not ideal. Now each department has its own room." Harlow likens his Morphology FX Inc. to a one-stop shop of sorts, as he's able to offer special effects and straight makeup, as well as provide and supervise a crew.

Makeup and effects artist Joel Harlow creating horror makeup.

Harlow demonstrates the art of horror makeup.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joel Harlow.

One of the most detail-oriented characters Harlow creates for Evil is George, played by Marti Matulis, who is a pro at staying glued into head-to-toe prosthetics for long days of filming. A full-body piece like George takes about two and a half hours to get into. "He has a bodysuit reproduced in foam latex with a spandex undersuit, as well as foam and gusseting so the muscle movement looks correct," says Harlow of the recurring incubus character. The headpiece (or cowl) also covers the shoulders but, unlike the body piece, can be used only once.

Creepy character George from TV show Evil

Creepy character George from Evil.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joel Harlow.

"After we've filmed for the day, we use an oil to get the headpiece off so it's easy on the skin. When the oil touches the mask, it's done." Add to that ear, face, and lip prosthetics combined with teeth, contact lenses, and hair, and it's easy to see why Harlow campaigned for Matulis—with his sheer patience and acting acumen—to get the role. "There's a natural tendency for performers to be uncomfortable. If they're not used to wearing all this gear, they'll feel like they can't work through that."

A studio filled with special effects projects

Harlow designed 56 alien races for Star Trek Beyond.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joel Harlow.

While Harlow has designed and created for everyone from Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise to superheroes in blockbusters such as Logan and Green Lantern, it's the monsters that are his favorite. "It's Frankenstein syndrome," he says with a laugh. "You get to think of a character, design it, build it in your lab, and once you've glued it onto the actor, the monster comes to life!"

A studio artist creating a creepy character

A studio artist creatively sculpts a creature.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joel Harlow.

Harlow first caught the creature bug as a kid in Grand Forks, North Dakota, when he and his dad went to see the original black-and-white King Kong movie, coupled with other scary faves like An American Werewolf in London and The Thing. "Those films redirected me from animation towards makeup and effects," he says of his time at Manhattan's School of Visual Arts. He's also constantly on the lookout for new inspiration, whether it's an interesting face on the street or the work of his peers.

Even in his downtime, Harlow confesses to picking horror over a lighthearted rom-com. "I love all kinds of movies and television, but horror speaks to me," he says. "And Evil has been a dream come true." That extra storage is already coming in handy.


Harlow shares some of his favorite creature creations.

Cast, Star Trek Beyond

"It's hard for me to pull out one in particular from this movie because we had 56 completely different characters to do. We started in Los Angeles and brought everything up to Vancouver."

Star Trek Beyond photo still

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures/Everett Collection.

Bootstrap Bill, Pirates of the Caribbean series

"He's completely encrusted [by sea creatures] and was actually a 250-piece makeup job because the skin was silicone and each barnacle was a separate piece."

Bootstrap Bill from Pirates of the Caribbean

Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures/Everett Collection.

Erik Killmonger, Black Panther

"I'm very proud of all the body scarification on Michael B. Jordan's character, as well as a lot of the older members who have the ornamental plates in their lower lips."

Erik Killmonger undergoing special effects and makeup for Black Panther.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Joel Harlow.

The Devil, Evil

"It's a goat-headed animatronic character with giant horns, and it required a team of three people just to apply the hair."

The Devil creature from TV show Evil

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS.

Originally published in Watch Magazine, May-June 2020.

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Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS (Khalil); Howard Wise/JPI Studios (Kaye and Lang); Sonja Flemming/CBS (James).

By Deanna Barnert

With the 47th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards airing on CBS this Friday June 26, Heather Tom, Jason Thompson, Thorsten Kaye, Katherine Kelly Lang, Christel Khalil, Bryton James, and more nominees from The Young and the Restless and The Bold and The Beautiful share their feeling about the big night!

The COVID-19 pandemic brought Hollywood to a standstill and delayed the 47th Daytime Emmy® Awards show, but The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) found a way to celebrate the 2019 season and honor the year's big winners. In an interesting turn, CBS' 2-hour special also marks the awards show's exciting return to primetime!

With the Daytime Emmys coming home to CBS, the network also just happens to boast the most nominations, with 57 contenders in this year's race. While both CBS soap operas have actors in the running, Y&R is hoping to maintain its winning streak and take home Outstanding Drama, Directing and Writing yet again this year—but B&B will surely have something to say about that!

Watch spoke to the CBS contenders to find out how their preparing for this very unique event. Don't miss the 47th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards this Friday, June 26 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

Outstanding Lead Actor Nominees

Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott), The Young and the Restless

Jason Thompson of The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Thanks to Billy's battle with his inner demons, this could just be the year for Jason Thompson. While the soap-hopper earned five nominations during his run as General Hospital's Patrick Drake, this is his first for playing Billy Abbott in The Young and the Restless. If he takes home the gold Friday, he will be the third "Billy" to do so, following in the footsteps of portrayers David Tom and Billy Miller.

Jason Thompson in episode of The Young and the Restless.

Jason Thompson as Billy Abbott in The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

"This feels really wonderful, because it's my first one playing this character and getting to represent Y&R and the network," Jason Thompson says. "That's exciting in one way, and in another way, there's a lot going on! Learning I was a nominee was a bit of a nice moment in a time that's been very confusing and weird. It was a nice reason to celebrate. It brought a bit of joy into the household. And I was blown away by all the people who reached out to me from our show. You have to put it into perspective with the bigger picture out there, so you come back to reality pretty quick. But all in all, it's another year that I'm excited to be mentioned!"

"I will probably end up watching with family. I'm really glad and excited at CBS stepped up to air the show in primetime. I think they're going to do a great job bridging new territory and figuring out how award shows could potentially work. But I kind of hope this is the last time we do this way, because one of the best things about the ceremonies is seeing old colleagues and old friends and making new ones. That'll be different, but I'm sure CBS will do a great job."

Watch Jason Thompson's Daytime Emmy Submission Reel

"It's an interesting time for a Daytime, and one of the reasons it's great to be back on primetime is we are part of the network. We're not an orphan child that stays to the side. We're part of the CBS family and it's great that they want to represent soap operas in this way and that we get to show the quality show we put on on a regular basis. This has also been an interesting time for people to check back into Y&R, again. I've had people reach out and say it's also really cool to see old storylines and how they make sense with what's going on now." — Jason Thompson

Thorsten Kaye, (Ridge Forrester), The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo Credit: Photo by Sean Smith. Courtesy of Bell-Phillip TV.

A lot has come between Ridge and Brooke over the decades, but Thorsten Kaye earned attention this year by sinking his teeth into the drama created by a baby swap involving their children. This is the soap hopper's fifth Lead Actor nomination, and his first for playing Ridge Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful.

"I try not to think too much about the nomination," says Kaye. "I show up every day to stage and do the best work I can. If I manage to entertain one person with my performance, then I'm good. And all the gentlemen in my category are wonderful actors who have been delivering outstanding performances for many years."

Thorsten Kaye in episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

"As for the rest of B&B's nominees, I can't say enough about them. All great actresses. Heather is absolutely phenomenal and Katherine, well she hasn't been acknowledged for her work on B&B for 33 years! We were scene partners for most of 2020 and I can't say enough about what a great talent and a lovely person she is. Annika knocked it out of the park this year with her performance as Hope. I wish them all love and Emmy luck!"


Thaao Penghlis (Tony), Days of Our Lives

Steve Burton (Jason), General Hospital

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan), General Hospital

Watch Thorsten Kaye's Daytime Emmy Submission Reel

"Thank you, to the fans, for your loyalty to B&B. We love bringing this show to you. And, thank you for watching all the soaps. I definitely appreciate our fans!" — Thorsten Kaye

Outstanding Lead Actress Nominees

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan), The Bold and the Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Katherine Kelly Lang.

After 33 years of fighting for (and with!) Ridge and giving Taylor a piece of her mind, many fans would argue this Daytime vet is way past due to take home the gold—and not just because no one drops a tear like Katherine Kelly Lang can!

Katherine Kelly Lang in episode ofThe Bold and the Beautiful.

Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

"I am very excited about my nomination this year. We put in a lot of work last year and some very intense scenes for awhile. I am thrilled for my castmates and their nominations too. They are all so deserving! And I admire all the actresses in the best actress category. I have so much respect for people who work in Daytime. We are all very dedicated and hard workers."

"I honestly haven't even thought about what we are doing on awards night. Are we dressing up? I am not sure yet. Since we will be at home, I am sure I will want to be comfortable. Maybe in silk pajamas and eating popcorn!"

Watch Katherine Kelly Lang's Daytime Emmy Submission Reel

"I just want to thank the fans for their amazing support! It means so much to all of us. Without you, where would we be? We love you all as much as you love us—and maybe even more! Keep on watching! Virtual hugs and kisses!" — Katherine Kelly Lang

Heather Tom (Katie Logan), The Bold and the Beautiful

Heather Tom of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Heather Tom.

In a storyline about love and forgiveness, Katie faced her mortality, made peace with her family. Sudden renal failure and finding a miracle kidney donor helped this CBS vet earn her 19th nomination. If Heather Tom takes home the gold again, this will be her third win in the category—on top of her Supporting Actress win for B&B in 2011and two Younger Actress wins for her run as Y&R's Victoria!

Heather Tom in episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Heather Tom as Katie Logan in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

"I'm always thrilled to be a part of the conversation," says Tom. "I've known all of these ladies for literally decades and I think they are a group of incredibly talent badass women! This is going to be a lot of fun—maybe it will be a pajama party! I think we'll definitely do some sort of Zoom with castmates and friends."

"It's exciting that it's going to air on CBS this year. It's going to be a fun night. Daytime knows how to throw a party, quarantine or no quarantine!"


Arianne Zucker (Nicole), Days of Our Lives

Finola Hughes (Anna), General Hospital

Maura West (Ava), General Hospital

Watch Heather Tom's Daytime Emmy Submission Reel

"Thanks to all of our fans for supporting our shows through all of this. We love all of you so much." — Heather Tom

Outstanding Supporting Actor Nominees

Bryton James (Devon Hamilton), The Young and the Restless

Bryton James of The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

2019 saw Bryton James honor the loss of onscreen father Kristoff St. John and his beloved character, Neil Winters. Having survived big heartbreak and found new love as Devon Hamilton, this could be the year for this 8-time nominee and 2007 Daytime Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series.

Bryton James in episode of The Young and the Restless.

Bryton James as Devon Hamilton in The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/CBS.

"I like getting to see everybody in person and hanging out afterwards," James says of the annual show. "That's part of the whole night—getting to see the whole daytime family. But I'm excited and happy to know that the Emmys are moving forward and we're going to be able to celebrate and get to see them on primetime. It's nice! It's a great little distraction from everything that's going on. All these important and serious things are happening in the world. But it's good to take a second, and to know that my peers think highly of what I do is always a great feeling."

"I'm probably going to have my mom over for the show and I think Brytni Sarpy's (Elena Dawson) mom and grandma are going to be in town. So we'll probably have a little family get-together. Knowing my mom, she'll also come out with something decent and I want to put something nice on and dress up a bit for the show. I can't just stay in my pajamas all day. They should have a digital red carpet!

Watch Bryton James' Daytime Emmy Submission Reel

"I'm thankful the fans are sticking with us and enjoying what Y&R has been showing with these classic episodes. We're eager to get back to work—just as much as you're eager to see some new episodes!" — Bryton James

Mark Grossman (Adam Newman), The Young and the Restless

Mark Grossman of The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

This recast hit the ground running and road his character's daddy issue right into a nomination. Mark Grossman could just take home the gold for his first year in Daytime playing Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless!

Mark Grossman in episode of The Young and the Restless.

Mark Grossman as Adam Newman in The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: JJ Johnson/JPI Studios.

"It's been quite a year," says Grossman. "I'm very thankful I got the opportunity to take on the role, and to get nominated in my first year is such an honor."

"It's great we get to see the awards show in primetime this year. I'll be watching with some friends, most likely. And I'll be pulling for all the nominees at Y&R."


Wally Kurth (Justin), Days of Our Lives

Chandler Massey (Will), Days of Our Lives

Paul Telfer (Xander), Days of Our Lives

James Patrick Stuart (Valentin), General Hospital

Watch Mark Grossman's Daytime Emmy Submission Reel

"Thank you to all of the fans who have supported and accepted me as Adam. You have been great. One of the actors told me when I first started that our job is the entertain people, and I sure hope I have done that!" — Mark Grossman

Outstanding Supporting Actress Nominees

Annika Noelle (Hope Logan), The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS.

Thanks to an epic baby switch storyline, this actress had a deliciously devastating 2019. In the end, her character finally learned the baby she'd mourned was alive, but the heartbreaking arc helped Annika Noelle garner her first nomination.

Annika Noelle in episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Annika Noelle as Hope Logan in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

"It is truly an honor to be nominated alongside these incredibly talented performers," says Noelle. "I am just grateful to have been recognized by my peers for all the hard work I put into this past year and everything else is just a cherry on top."

"On Emmy night, I think I am going to have a quiet night at home with my loved ones and pets. Maybe order in a nice dinner and have a glass of wine. And pajamas or ball gown? That is the question, isn't it! Ha ha, I guess we'll have to wait and see which option wins."

Watch Annika Noelle's Daytime Emmy Submission Reel

"Thank you for supporting Daytime television! The cast and crew pour their hearts into these productions and we try our best to keep you entertained. We are looking forward to the stories we will bring you in the future. In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy the show!" — Annika Noelle

Christel Khalil (Lily Winters), The Young and the Restless

Christel Khalil of The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Like Bryton James, Christel Khalil put it all out there to honor their onscreen father, Kristoff St. John, and his character. With a 2012 win for Outstanding Younger Actress, this marks her first year as an adult contender.

Christel Khalil in episode of The Young and the Restless.

Christel Khalil as Lily Winters in The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/CBS.

"I kind of feel like my nomination is an ode to Kristoff," says Khalil. "It's honoring him and shows we did right by him. So this nomination definitely has a bittersweet touch to it. And I'm excited! I'd completely forgotten about the nominations with all that was going on—and I haven't had so much good news in such a long time! So it was cool."

"I'm sad that the show won't be in person. The Emmys are the one night a year that all of us from all the shows get together, get to say hi and hang out. Now we don't get to do that, but you gotta roll with the punches. We don't need another excuse to party! And now I can wear my sweatpants! Plus, it is great for fans that it's going to air on TV. And I guess that's all that matters, at the end of it."


Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie), Days of Our Lives

Tamara Braun (Kim), General Hospital

Rebecca Budig (Hayden), General Hospital

Watch Christel Khalil's Daytime Emmy Submission Reel

"I'm just so happy that people are still watching Y&R, even during this time when we're not able to release new episodes. I just want to say thank you to everybody for all your support during this time." — Christel Khalil

Outstanding Younger Performer Nominees

Sasha Calle (Lola Rosales), The Young and the Restless

Sasha Calle of The Young and the Restless.

Sasha Calle as Lola Rosales in The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Last year, an epic love triangle saved her character's life, but then left her heartbroken as she worked to rebuild that life. The romantic fiasco caused enough drama to earn Sasha Calle her first Emmy nomination!

Michael Mealor and Sasha Calle of The Young and the Restless.

Michael Mealor as Kyle Abbott and Sasha Calle as Lola Rosales in The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

"I feel incredibly honored," says Calle. "I can't express the gratitude and light I felt when I got the call about the nomination! The news truly hit my family, friends and team with a bolt of joy. Hearing their happiness over the phone has been the best part about the nomination."

"I'm very excited to root for all the wonderful nominees and truly honored to be beside them. I don't exactly know how I'll be watching! Definitely hope to have some loved ones around me. I thought about buying birthday hats and wearing them… I think it'd be funny. I'll also probably be on a Zoom call with my mum and little brother."


Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire), Days of Our Lives

Thia Megia (Haley), Days of Our Lives

Katelyn MacMullen (Willow), General Hospital

Eden McCoy (Josslyn), General Hospital

Watch Sasha Calle's Daytime Emmy Submission Reel

"Thank you to the fans for watching and supporting me along the way. It has meant the world. We walk out winners, regardless of the outcome!" — Sasha Calle

Outstanding Guest Performer Nominees

Elissa Kapneck (Sasha), The Young and the Restless

Portrait of actress Elissa Kapneck

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Elissa Kapneck.

This newcomer proves the Daytime Emmys are about quality, not quantity. Her stint was just a few days, but she's in the running thanks to her performance as mother who almost gave up her baby.

"Honestly, this is a dream come true," says Kapneck. "Since I was 5, my dream has been to work on soaps and be nominated for an Emmy! I grew up watching soaps with my mom and that was always our thing. I have been studying acting and working towards this for my whole life. To see it come to fruition is absolutely everything. It's a good reminder that hard work and dedication pays off and dreams do come true."

Eva LaRue (Celeste Rosales), The Young and the Restless

Portrait of actress Eva LaRue

Photo Credit: Russell Baer.

Daytime vet Eva LaRue made her name as All My Children's Dr. Maria Santos decades ago… but her summer in Genoa City could just earn her very first Daytime Emmy win!

"This nomination has been an amazing bright spot in an extremely difficult year," says LaRue. "I can't help but feel like John Callahan (ex-Edmund, All My Children) has a big hand in it somehow, because I got the nomination only weeks after he passed. I was so green when I started in daytime, I learned to act with John as my partner. This nomination, at this particular time, is a beautiful full circle tribute to him."

Eva LaRue on the set of The Young and the Restless.

Eva LaRue as Celeste Rosales in The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

"I will watch from home with my daughter Kaya, some family, popcorn, cocktails and a couple of friends via FaceTime. I am so excited for all the fans, me included, to be able to watch the Daytime Emmy's back on Primetime on CBS! It will be a welcome temporary distraction from the tough times in which we are all living."

Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Simon Black), The Young and the Restless

Portrait of actor Jeffrey Vincent Parise

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jeffrey Vincent Parise.

This soap hopper is known for starting delicious trouble in both Daytime and Primetime. While this may be Jeffrey Vincent Parise's first nomination, it's no surprise to fans that his stint as a charming but dangerous man from Chelsea's past garnered it!

"It was such a welcomed piece of good news in a world where there hadn't been a whole lot of good news to speak of," Parise says of receiving the nomination. "It is a much-needed fun and happy distraction."

Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Simon Black in The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

"The show will be different for sure! I will be camping with friends for a few days leading up to it. We are scheduled to come back on Friday. I was told my category is going to be announced on the web only, so we're going to have a Twitter refresh party when we get home! I will also be popping in via Skype to my parents' Emmy party. They are having a 'black tie' party with some friends—complete with Emmy-related games made up by my mother. She's adorable."

"I'd like to say thank you to Y&R fans for giving me such a warm welcome to the show, even though my character was so unsavory! And thank you to the General Hospital fans for their continued love and support!"


Chrishell Stause (Jordan Ridgeway), Days of Our Lives

Michael Knight (Martin), General Hospital

Outstanding Drama Writing Team Nominees

Bryton James, Kristoff St. John,  and Christel Khalil of The Young and the Restless.

Bryton James as Devon Hamilton, Kristoff St. John as Neil Winters, and Christel Khalil as Lily Winters in The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Robert Voets/CBS.

The Bold and the Beautiful's Head Writer Bradley P. Bell leads a team that includes Co-Head Writer Michael Minnis; and Writers Patrick Mulcahey, Adam Dusevoir, Shannon Bradley, Michele Val Jean, Rex M. Best and Tracey Ann Kelly.

Josh Griffith is the The Young and the Restless' Head Writer. Other nominees include writers Mal Young, Amanda Beall, James Harmon Brown, Sara Bibel, Matt Clifford, Lynn Martin, Janice Ferri Esser, Sara Endsley, Anne Schoettle, Mellinda Hensley, Michael Conforti, Jeff Beldner, Teresa Zimmerman, Christopher Dunn, Natalie Minardi Slater, Annie Compton and Daran Little.

"We chose to submit episodes related to the passing of Neil Winters, as tribute to our good friend and iconic actor Kristoff St. John," share Griffith. "We miss him dearly."

Outstanding Drama Nominees

The Young and the Restless

The cast of The Young and the Restless.

The cast of The Young and the Restless.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Y&R has taken home Outstanding Drama 10 times, including in 2019. Led by Executive Producer Anthony Morina and Co-Executive Producer Josh Griffith, the sudser has been nominated for a total of 22 awards for the 2019 season.

"The shows we submitted for Outstanding Drama were the episode where everyone finds out about Neil passing, and then the memorial," says Morina. "As powerful as the memorial was, I loved the first one because it kept everybody on edge. It was so close to when we lost Kristoff St. John that it was raw for us. It just dragged you into this emotional upheaval. I also loved that it had such a clear beginning, middle and end.

What was fantastic about that memorial was that everybody involved felt like it was the real memorial for Kristoff. It was gut-wrenching, and we went right to tape. No rehearsals. People were so raw and pure. Christel Khalil's performance was heart-wrenching. They all were! Those actors blew me away."

"These awards shows are always unpredictable. All I can say is, whether we get the Emmy or not, I just feel so positive about these two shows. As long as people saw them, I was happy. Because they were really something for us to be proud of."

The Bold and the Beautiful

The cast of The Bold and the Beautiful.

The cast of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS.

B&B has taken home Outstanding Drama 3 times. Led by Executive Producer Bradley P. Bell and Supervising Producers Edward Scott and Casey Kasprzyk, the most watched serial drama in the world is nominated for a total of 13 awards for the 2019 season.

"This should be a very exciting year," says Bell. "We submitted two of our favorite episodes from the 'Baby Beth is Alive!' story. I was very happy with those episodes on every level. I am especially thrilled for our nominated actors. They all delivered some of their finest work in the scenes they submitted. It was a great year for all four soaps, so the competition will be intense.

"I am thrilled the Daytime Emmys are airing in primetime on CBS this year. And they'll be even more wonderful as they are being hosted by the incredible ladies of The Talk. I will be watching with my family and at the same time, in close contact with my cast, crew and staff, ready to celebrate any wins.

"Many thanks to the fans for their loyalty and ongoing enthusiasm. Please cheer us on at home. You are the motivation behind everything we do at The Bold and the Beautiful. Go Team B&B!"

Don't miss the 47th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards this Friday, June 26 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

By David Hochman

6:00 a.m. I set an alarm, but I'm usually already awake, thinking about the day and how I'm going to pry our son, Zach, out of bed. He's a kindergartner but sleeps like a teenager, so I basically have to drop water on his head to get him up!

Heather Tom with her son Zach.

Heather Tom with her son Zach.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

6:45 a.m. I'm not a breakfast person. I grab some coffee and go for a run before driving over to CBS Television City.

8:00 a.m. We rehearse scenes for an hour. If I'm directing, I can't be in a scene. I've been doing daytime for almost 30 years, but it's very different being behind the camera. I've directed more than 20 episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful, and you can't believe the intensity. I dare anyone--even Steven Spielberg--to do what we do in a day: shooting 80 to 100 script pages in six hours! This year, I'm part of the CBS Directors Initiative training program, which gives newer directors the opportunity to shadow CBS shows throughout the year. So helpful!
The CBS Television City builing with a flowering bush in full bloom

CBS Television City in Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Johnny Vy/CBS.

9:00 a.m. If I'm acting, this is when I'm in hair and makeup. I'm lucky to have such a great crew. I've known many of these people since I was 15.

10:00 a.m. Show taping begins. And we're ... rolling!
Heather Tom at a console behind the scenes of her show.

Heather Tom behind-the-scenes directing The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

12:15 p.m. The Bold and the Beautiful is watched by 35 million people every day. We're the No. 1 serialized drama in the world. You really want to honor that responsibility and do your best work, which is why I can't complain on those days when I'm directing and a producer's sitting behind me going, "Let's go, let's go, let's go!"

1:00 p.m. I eat on the run—either I grab something from Starbucks or craft services. Who has time to sit down for lunch?
Heather Tom and Don Diamont on the set of soap The Bold and the Beautiful.

Heather Tom as Katie Logan and Don Diamont as Bill Spencer, Jr. on The Bold and the Beautiful set.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

2:30 p.m. On a soap, there's no room for mistakes. When I'm playing Katie Logan, we can power through 11 scenes in an hour and a half.

3:25 p.m. When I have a free moment, I look at renderings or fabrics for a client from the home design firm I run with my husband, James. He does the drawings and actual construction. I come in at the end for hard-core shopping and finishing touches, which honestly is the fun part.

4:00 p.m. Generally, the end of the workday. But that's when the day begins at home.
Heather Tom with her husband James posing at a red carpet affair.

Heather Tom with her husband James.

Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images.

4:30 p.m. My son does tae kwon do, swim team, and golf, and we're starting a tennis club with his friends. James and I switch off as his chauffeur.

5:30 p.m. Three or four times a week, I do hot yoga. It's my happy place. It's how I let go and clear my head.

6:45 p.m. We eat out a lot. Italian. Indian. Thai. We're just so busy. But I recently got one of those Ninja cookers. It's like an Instant Pot but with an air-fry element to make things crispy. If I know I'll be home late, I lay out a recipe and all the ingredients and tell my husband, "OK, here's your magic pot."

Heather Tom in a lacy cream dress.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

8:15 p.m. We're almost done bedtime-reading the first Harry Potter book. The rule in our house is you can't see the movie until you've finished the book. Before Harry, it was Diary of a Wimpy Kid and A Wrinkle in Time.

9:00 p.m. The Directors Initiative has lots of homework—and that includes binge-watching TV to keep up with different creative approaches to shooting a scene. It's the kind of homework I like!

Heather Tom directing soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Heather Tom in the director's chair.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

11:30 p.m. That's when I usually crash into bed. My life is complete insanity, but here's the deal: I love acting, I love directing, I love spending time with my family, so every day it's, Let's just squeeze in as much as we can!

Originally published in Watch Magazine, May-June 2019.

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Photo courtesy of SHOWTIME.

By Nate Millado

Stream Queer as Folk on SHOWTIME and SHOWTIME ANYTIME® apps, as well as via SHOWTIME On Demand.

Last summer was a milestone for the LGBTQ community: the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots that sparked the modern gay rights movement. So there's no better time to reflect on the groundbreaking drama Queer as Folk, which was based on a British series of the same name and aired on SHOWTIME from 2000 to 2005. Centered on the hookups and hang-ups of gay men in Pittsburgh, it was the first of its kind for American television and helped kick the door open for realistic depictions of LGBTQ life on television.

VIDEO: See This Nostalgic Teaser For The Unforgettable Drama Series Queer As Folk

It redefined family.

"I love your friends," says Ted's (Scott Lowell) boyfriend in the finale of Season 1. "They are like family." "Not like. They are," Ted corrects him. QAF embraced the concept of "chosen family," anchored by boy-next-door Michael (Hal Sparks). His close-knit clan included lesbian couple Lindsay and Melanie (Thea Gill and Michelle Clunie) and teen artist Justin (Randy Harrison), whose dad kicked him out of his house for being gay. Of course, it helps when you have a PFLAG-waving mom like Michael's (Cagney & Lacey's Sharon Gless as wisecracking Debbie).

A busy kitchen scene around a table where a small child is eating.

Peter Paige, Thea Gill, Michelle Clunie, and Hal Sparks on set of Queer as Folk.

Photo courtesy of SHOWTIME.

It was provocative and thought-provoking.

Peter Paige (who played out-and-proud Emmett) often said, "People came for the queer, but they stayed for the folk." When the show premiered December 3, 2000, much ado was made about the gratuitous sex—mostly involving unapologetic lothario Brian (Gale Harold). And not without reason—those scenes were steamy. But it also tackled deeply personal and political storylines: from workplace discrimination, HIV and AIDS, and same-sex marriage to conversion therapy, recreational drug addiction, and hate crimes.

A man stare intently at his laptop.

Gale Harold as Brian Kinney on Queer as Folk.

Photo courtesy of SHOWTIME.

It broke ground and records.

By the end of season 1, QAF was the highest-rated show on SHOWTIME. (While the network didn't release numbers, it said its performance was particularly successful in attracting 18- to 34-year-olds). By demonstrating that a series about gay men could hold mass appeal, it surely paved the yellow brick road for future queer-centric shows like The L Word and Looking.

A couple smiles and laughs at something happening off screen.

Michelle Clunie as Melanie Marcus and Thea Gill as Lindsay Peterson on Queer as Folk.

Photo courtesy of SHOWTIME.

It inspired viewers and its cast.

Executive producer Daniel Lipman recalled a time when a group of men from the "flyover states" came up to thank the creators, saying, "Where we live, there are no gay bars ... Queer as Folk was our connection to the gay community." With QAF, you didn't need to live in West Hollywood or the West Village to feel like you belonged. For Robert Gant, landing the role of HIV-positive professor Ben encouraged him to come out publicly in The Advocate. "I feel a sense of responsibility," he said. "I want to help change the world."

Two men have a coversation inside a comic book store

Hal Sparks as Michael Novotny and Robert Grant as Ben Bruckner on Queer as Folk.

Photo courtesy of SHOWTIME.

It was ahead of its time.

When QAF premiered, gay marriage wasn't legal—anywhere. "Don't ask, don't tell" was still active. A "Grindr" was a tool in the kitchen. And while the hairstyles and fashion of the aughts may be dated, QAF's timeless themes and fierce, fearless characters still ring loud and queer.

Originally published in Watch Magazine, July-August 2019.

Stream Queer as Folk on SHOWTIME and SHOWTIME ANYTIME® apps, as well as via SHOWTIME On Demand.



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