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When Atlanta native Michael Mealor was a member of his high school's weightlifting team, he tipped the scales at 220 pounds and could bench 375. Now the 28-year-old—who plays the handsome scion Kyle Abbott on CBS' The Young and the Restless—is a lean-and-mean 180 pounds and has mixed in more cardio to his workout routine. Here he shares it with Watch.

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Y&R star Michael Mealor showing his washboard abs.

Photo Credit: Wes Klain.

Punch Hour 

I love boxing, so I try to do it three days week. I'll usually go 40 minutes with the mitts, then 20 minutes of pure cardio. Boxing is so hard. It's straight-up 60 minutes, all out, and I know I'm going to be crawling away from the ring when I'm done.


Michael Mealor of The Young and the Restless shows off his muscled biceps.

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I've never been a big fitness-tracker person, but my girlfriend bought me a Whoop Strap. It gives you data on everything from heart rate exertion levels to sleep time. Based on how much you sleep, it tells you what type of workout to do.

If you're tired, it will suggest a lighter workout and vice versa. It tells you how much strain you're putting on your body so you can adjust mid-workout.


Work out; don't watch the game.

Photo Credit: Howard Wise/JPI Studios.

Core Value

Y&R star Michael Mealor shows off his washboard abs.

Photo Credit: David Wagner.

When I'm doing a gym workout, I always start with my abs. I use weights for each exercise because I don't get the results I want doing just regular sit-ups or planks.

I start with a 10-pound medicine ball and work up from there. If I did my abs at the end of my routine, I would be too tired and would skip it or put it off until the next day. This way, I don't allow myself to skimp.

Minute Man

I'm a firm believer in keeping my heart rate up during my workout. I do the "Every Minute on the Minute," or EMOM, routine. I'll have 60 seconds to do a set of dumbbell chest presses. But if it only takes me 45 seconds, I'll have 15 seconds of rest before I start the next set.

Y&R star Michael Mealor shirtless leaning against a window.

Photo Credit: Wes Klain.

I do that for my cardio, too. I use the rowing machine and try to do 250 meters each minute for four minutes. I'll also do supersets with two muscle groups, like a chest exercise for 30 seconds, then straight into an arm exercise for the next 30 seconds. EMOM keeps my heart rate going and body guessing—and stops me from getting stuck watching some football game at the gym.

What Michael Mealor Eats In A Day

The super fit and abs-olutely fabulous Y&R star shares his healthy eating habits.


Cup of black coffee.

Photo Credit: ALEAIMAGE/Getty Images.

Breakfast: I never eat breakfast. I know it's weird. I just drink black coffee. I love the taste and it curbs my appetite.


A plate of kale salad topped with grilled salmon.

Photo Credit: rudisill/Getty Images.

Lunch: A kale or quinoa salad with protein on top, though I'm no longer a huge red-meat eater.


A chocolate chip cookie.

Photo Credit: EyeEm/Getty Images.

Snack: A protein bar, a cookie. I have a thing for sweets and anything chocolate.


A plate of panko-crusted Japanese fried chicken tenders with yuzu, chili dipping sauce.

Photo Credit: Pam Susemiehl/Getty Images..

Dinner: It absolutely has to be hot. I can't eat anything cold for dinner, except sushi. I was raised on the southern meat-and-three (side dishes) diet. I don't cook, but there's a health food store near my house that has a lot of prepared foods. I love their turmeric chicken fingers and rice balls with chile sauce.

Originally published in Watch Magazine, March-April 2020.

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Misha Collins remembers the indignity like it was yesterday. The actor—who plays the angel Castiel on The CW's Supernatural, which ends its 15-year run this spring—asked his then-2-year-old son, West, to try guacamole.

"He took one bite and spit it straight into my face," says Collins, speaking on the phone from the home he shares with wife Vicki Collins; West, now 9; and daughter Maison, 7. "He looked at me and said, 'I won't eat that. It's disgusting!'"

Misha Collins prepping a family meal with help from his kids.

Misha Collins prepping a family meal with kids Maison (left) and West.

Photo Credit: Michele M. Waite Photography.

The goopy incident became a turning point for the Collins family. They started letting West pick out food at the supermarket and prepare it himself. While the results weren't Michelin star-worthy (Brussels sprouts in cream of mushroom soup, anyone?), the pride shown in West's face suggests it was well worth it.

"We realized that if the kids engage in the cooking process, they're going to eat the food," says Misha Collins, in the midst of making grape jelly for canning. "It was an epiphany that started shifting things in our family. It also became the germ of our cookbook."

Book jacket of Misha Collins' cookbook.

Photo Credit: Michele M. Waite Photography.

Co-written with his wife, The Adventurous Eaters Club: Mastering the Art of Family Mealtime is more than a collection of recipes. It's a guidebook for empowering kids in the kitchen, much as Collins has with his YouTube show Cooking Fast and Fresh with West.

The book features playful takes on healthy eating, like Salad Popsicles and Shiitake Crispies. You'll also find silly kid concoctions like Spaghetti in Jam Sauce. "If you approach cooking as a form of play," Collins says, "you invite the children into the kitchen in a way that excites them."

Misha Collins and kids tossing lettuce leaves in the air.

Lettuce entertain you! Misha Collins' new cookbook is fun for the whole family.

Photo Credit: Michele M. Waite Photography.

Does that mean West and Maison will be dumping Collins' homemade jelly over pasta? "No," he says, chuckling. "I'd never let them touch my jelly for something so blasphemous."

Trust us: After playing an angel for 11 years, the man knows a little something about blasphemy.

Green Confetti Frittata

Nutritious and delicious, this "Green Confetti Frittata" is one of many healthy recipes featured in The Adventurous Eaters Club cookbook.

Photo Credit: Michele M. Waite Photography.

One of the wonders of frittatas is that they work with any combo of veggies, and now that frittatas are part of our family's repertoire, we use them to explore new veggie varieties. It can be a super-simple affair, or it can be an improvisational playground for the whole family. This version uses a single leaf of chard (snipped into "confetti") to ease kids into relishing green specks.


• 1 leaf Swiss or rainbow chard (Yes, just one leaf—the goal here is to introduce the visual of leafy green specks without altering the flavor or texture.)

• 6 eggs

• 1 cup milk

• Salt to taste

• 2 tablespoons butter

• ¾ cup of grated Swiss cheese or Gruyère cheese

• ¾ cup grated mild cheddar cheese

* Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.


— Combine the eggs, milk, and salt in a medium bowl and whisk until well mixed.

— Melt the butter into a medium-size pan (preferably cast iron) over medium heat. Swirl the butter so it coats all sides of the pan. Once the pan is evenly coated, pour the excess melted butter into the whisked eggs and give them a stir. Set aside.

— Add the chard confetti to the pan and stir until just wilted. If there's water in the pan after sautéing the greens, press the greens into the pan with a spatula and tip the pan to pour out the excess into the sink.

— Pour the egg mixture into the pan. Top one side of the pan with cheddar and the other with Gruyère. Pop the pan into the oven and bake for 25 minutes. Stick a toothpick in the middle: If it comes out mostly clear, it's ready.

— Let the frittata cool for a few minutes, then slice into wedges and serve.

Actor Misha Collins with his children.

Photo Credit: Michele M. Waite Photography.

Kid's Job!

Wash and dry the chard. Hold the stem at the bottom, like a handle, in one hand. Use your other hand to tear the leaves away from the stem in one swoop. Set aside the stems or use them for a duel. Using safety scissors, snip off tiny pieces of the leaves to make teeny green confetti. Set aside.

Excerpted from The Adventurous Eaters Club by Misha and Vicki Collins. Reprinted with permission from HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Copyright 2019.

Misha Collin’s Essential Kitchen Items

Butcher block countertop: "I like cutting directly on the countertop. Ours was pulled out of a Chicago public school shop class. I love that it has all these carvings from the middle schoolers."

Child smashing herbs with a cooking mallet.

Photo Credit: Michele M. Waite Photography.

Wooden mallet: "Mine is from the 1800s and made of maple. It tenderizes and crushes things, and is a great way to exorcise demons."

Food dehydrator with trays of fresh fruit slices.

Photo Credit: Williams Sonoma.

Dehydrator: "Right now it's turning the grape skins from the jam into fruit leather for the kids' lunches."

Vitamix blender with a green smoothie.

Photo Credit: Williams Sonoma.

A powerful blender: "Ours is a Vitamix. We love it and probably use it way too much."

Canning jars filled with fresh veggies.

Photo Credit: Tottenham Hotspur FC/Getty Images.

Pint-size canning jars: "I'm proud that my pantry is full of things that I've put in jars. For me, if I'm canning, it's a sign of good mental health."

Originally published in Watch Magazine, January-February 2020.

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Cooking Fast and Fresh

From extreme baking to spruced up veggies, Misha Collin's cooking channel on YouTube is absolutely delicious. Here's a taste of what he and the kids serve up.

A look back at some of the best NCIS: Los Angeles cast photographs

Daniela Ruah dazzling in ruby red. Chris O'Donnell finding the luck of the Irish. LL COOL J shining in the City of Light.

The creative team at Watch share their all-time favorite photos of NCIS: Los Angeles stars that we've featured in our pages—like Daniela Ruah dancing on air in this breathtaking portrait.

"This is one of my all-time favorite Watch images—Daniela Ruah's enrapturing pose captured by Cliff Lipson is timeless. We photographed the NCISLA beauty in an incredible old Hollywood era mansion, which perfectly matched the elegance of this gorgeous shoot." — Alice Ross, Deputy Photo Editor

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LL COOL J living his best life

A black and white image of LL COOL J receiving bottle service at a restaurant

Photography by Gilles-Marie Zimmermann. Originally published in Watch Magazine, December 2014.

"I just love the composition and candid realness of this photo. LL COOL J was in Paris for a Watch cover shoot and his presence is just larger than life!" — Christopher Ross, Director of Photography

Chris O'Donnell getting his fashion game on

Chris O'Donnell in white pants and a dark patterned sweater hitting a golf ball

Photography by David Needleman. Originally published in Watch Magazine, May-June 2018.

You see this position a lot during a golf game. Chris O'Donnell really got into this shoot and gave us all the posed subtleties of a championship game. He just wears white pants so well! — Christopher Ross, Director of Photography

Daniela Ruah looking like rain drops on roses

Three different angles of Daniela Ruah in a sleeveless red dress with a plunging back as she stands by a pool

Photography by Cliff Lipson. Originally published in Watch Magazine, March-April 2018.

"We all pray for beautiful weather when we photograph our stars, but on the day of this shoot in Los Angeles, it was rain city. Nevertheless, Daniela Ruah playfully worked around the precipitation and was absolute perfection for this cover shot montage." — Ed Mann, Creative Director

Eric Christian Olsen showing off his playful side

Eric Christian Olsen playing croquet in a white bathrobe

Photography by Adam Secore. Originally published in Watch Magazine, June 2013.

"There are no words—Eric Christian Olsen playing croquet in a bathrobe—sign me up for a rematch please!" —Alice Ross, Deputy Photo Editor

Chris O'Donnell channeling his roots

Chris O'Donnell sitting on a green boat on a lake in Ireland

Photography by Cliff Lipson. Originally published in Watch Magazine, April 2013.

"For his first cover shoot with Watch, we took Chris O'Donnell to Ireland. Ashford Castle was the location and the whole crew was blown away by its beauty. The NCIS: Los Angeles star got those waders on and paddled our photographer Cliff Lipson into the middle of the lake to get this shot!" — Christopher Ross, Director of Photography

Daniela Ruah delivering that California dreamy

Daniela Ruah in a yellow one piece bathing suit standing on her toes near the water

Photography by Cliff Lipson. Originally published in Watch Magazine, June 2012.

"Daniela Ruah was so wonderful during this photo shoot. She was very patient and happily waited for us to capture that perfect golden hour shot."— Alice Ross, Deputy Photo Editor

Renée Felice-Smith sparkling on the red carpet

A black and white photo of Ren\u00e9e Felice-Smith holding three fingers up sideways

Photography by Cliff Lipson. Exclusive to CBS.com.

"Each year we get one shot of photographing our stars before the new TV season starts. It's pretty much a fire drill! Fast-paced photography on the red carpet that's over before you know it. And then walked in Renée Felice-Smith to our TCA photo booth in this amazing Bohemian look that made time stop. So poised, sweet and confident. Beautiful!" — Ed Mann, Creative Director

LL COOL J shining in the City of Light

Two images side by side of LL COOL J smirking in a denim outfit

Photography by Gilles-Marie Zimmermann. Originally published in Watch Magazine, December 2014.

"Few actors have that sense of presence off stage, that commands attention. LL COOL J is without a doubt, one of those stars. He simply captivated the streets of Paris, and our team." — Ed Mann, Creative Director

Dynamic duo LL COOL and Chris O'Donnell doing what it takes to get the shot

LL COOL J standing by the passenger seat and Chris O Donnell standing by the hood of a silver car

Photography by Cliff Lipson. Originally published in Watch Magazine, October 2009.

"This shot cracks me up. At the last minute there was a scheduling conflict and we could no longer shoot LL COOL J and Chris O'Donnell on the same day. What you see here is a cool composite after two days of shooting each actor separately—luckily both at the Peninsula Beverly Hills. Talk about teamwork!" — Christopher Ross, Director of Photography

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Reporting by Deanna Barnert

When he isn't breaking hearts and norms in Genoa City as dreamy Nicholas Newman on television's #1 Daytime drama,

Joshua Morrow jumps in the saddle, laces up this soccer cleats, and shoots hoops. While The Young and the Restless fan favorite may spend less time on the outdoor basketball court these days, the active actor is always game for a little friendly competition and plays on several celebrity sports teams that raise money for charity.

Here's how the Y&R star player stays in top form.

Joshua Morrow poses shirtless against a patterned blue wall.

Photo credit: Ed McGowan/CBS

Go-To Workout

SoulCycle and soccer keep me fit. My wife got me into SoulCycle and now we go together. She was really into it and I said, "Well I should try this. How hard could it really be?" It whooped my butt! I was terrible and I was sitting in the back. Now I'm that front-row guy. "Let's go!"

A photo of soccer players in action next to a picture a Soulcycle.

Photo credits: Ryan McVay/Getty Images (Soccer); Ari Perilstein/Getty Images (SoulCycle)

Good Sports

My passion was soccer growing up and I still play twice a week. I still play all my favorite sports. I can't play basketball on outdoor courts like I used to. I played on blacktop courts four days a week for 10 years. The hard courts eat your limbs, so my knees are kind of busted up. But I still wear basketball shorts and a tank-top everyday. If a game breaks out when I walk out of this building, I'll be ready to play!

Two action shots of Joshua Morrow playing basketball in a charity sporting event. Joshua Morrow at the first Annual Ball Up Celebrity Streetball Game (May 1, 2011) playing for the Ball Up All-Stars to raise awareness and funds for the National Parkinson's Foundation.

Photo credit: Noel Vasquez (Basketball); Charley Gallay/Getty Images (Basketball)

Sun and Games

Besides soccer and basketball, I also play tennis and a ton of beach volleyball. During winter, I hit the slopes and go snowboarding. We have great weather out here in Los Angeles!

A profile shot of volleyball players at dusk.

Photo credit: Hasan Mahmud Tipu/Getty Images

Power Up

I love bananas. I tend to eat pretty healthy for breakfast—I like watermelon and oatmeal. Lunch is typically a salad or sandwich (every other day). I still love sandwiches. I can't give them up.

A photo of watermelon chunks on top of a glass jar of raw oatmeal.

Photo credit: Fascinadora/Getty Images

Competitive Spirit

Sweat. I like to beat people at things. That's led to my downfall a few times and it can be a detriment to my family, because I love to compete and win. Nick [Newman] hasn't been a winner... so I hope this is his time!

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