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11 Things That FBI Star Missy Peregrym Finds Irresistible

Photo: Colin Stark

Missy Peregrym of FBI shares her favorite must-haves and indulgences

When she's not hunting down New York's most dangerous criminals and terrorists as Special Agent Maggie Bell on CBS's gripping new procedural series FBI, Missy Peregrym delights in life's simple pleasures.

From seaside escapes with her canine companion Charly to knitting baby blankets and scarves to beauty basics, Missy keeps celebrity life down to earth.

Watch shares some of our favorite photos of the stunning star, plus little luxuries that she can't live without—all from our September-October 2018 issue!

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Essential jewelry

Missy Peregrym sitting on beach sand

Photo: Katherine Holland

"Earrings. I really love simple, strong jewelry. I usually go through phases where I find a pair and wear them for at least a year. I had small silver hoops—four piercings—then some diamond earrings, and now I am obsessed with gold. I love going into boutique stores and finding local designers." - Missy Peregrym

Most frequent hot spot

Missy Peregrym on the beach with the ocean in the background

Photo: Katherine Holland

"I'm a homebody, but I would say that I frequent the beach most days—more than anywhere else." - Missy Peregrym

Skincare regimen

Missy Peregrym in a track jacket

Photo: Katherine Holland

" I really didn't have one until my facialist told me off, ha ha! So, now I use iS Clinical to help with hydrating and keeping my breakouts to a minimum. My three favorites from the line are the Reparative Moisture Emulsion, Active Serum, and Hydra-Cool Serum." - Missy Peregrym

Favorite shoes

Missy Peregrym with a skateboard and a dog

Photo: Katherine Holland

"Burgundy Converse and white leather Greats. I want to buy every color of Greats!" - Missy Peregrym

Most beloved beauty product

Missy Peregrym smiling

Photo: Michael Tran/Getty Images

"MAC Teddy eyeliner. I've used it since high school. The brown has a golden tone to it, so it brightens my eyes. I use it on the bottom lid, on the inside line, and pair it with Hourglass mascara." - Missy Peregrym

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Hair MVPs

Missy Peregrym smiling in a sleeveless white top

Photo: Katherine Holland

"EVO Haze [Styling Powder] to thicken the roots and, the following day, Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo to clean it up and look fresh." - Missy Peregrym

Hidden hobby

Missy Peregrym in a red dress

Photo: David Needleman

"Knitting. It calms my mind and is a great activity to do while flying. I'm getting really good at baby blankets and scarves." - Missy Peregrym

Make up item that's always in your bag

Zeeko Zaki and Missy Peregrym

Photo: Benjo Arwas/Getty Images

"Bee Pure Apitherapy Manuka Lip Balm because it's all natural for real. I know this because my sister makes it." - Missy Peregrym

Favorite designer

Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS

"IRO, Rag & Bone, and Alexander Wang. Their style is simple, strong, and comfortable, but you can also dress it up with heels." - Missy Peregrym

Biggest indulgence

Missy Peregrym wearing an FBI jacket holding a long gun

Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS via Getty Images

"Massages and facials. When I'm working, I try to get a massage once a month to help with stress. I love deep tissue but always ask for a 10-minute head massage. It's one of the only ways I can turn my brain off. I get envious of my dog, Charly, because she gets this ALL. THE. TIME." - Missy Peregrym

Workout routine

Missy Peregrym on stage in a red dress holding a microphone

Photo: Michael Parmelee/CBS via Getty Images

"I hardly have a routine, but I like Pilates and boxing." - Missy Peregrym

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