A colloge of images of Barrett Foa and some of his favorite things.

NCIS: Los Angeles star Barrett Foa shares his happy list.

Reporting by Mona Buehler


A Scotty dog warpped in tartan plaids.

Courtesy Barrett Foa

I named my dog/Ewok after my grandmother's favorite drink: scotch. Nonnie drinks single malt scotch every single (malt) day. Clearly it's the secret to life, because she's alive and kicking at 101 years young!


Barrett Foa performing on stage in the play Sweet Charity.

Barrett Foa performing in Sweet Charity during NCISLA's recent summer hiatus.

Courtesy of Michael Lamont

It's so immediate and spontaneous that I can just lose myself in the story. I try to perform whenever I can—especially in between seasons of NCIS: Los Angeles.


Barret Foa in a garden setting meditating.

Courtesy Barrett Foa

I've been meditating for seven years now, and it's a complete game (and life) changer. We expect happiness to come on the other side of some person, place, or thing, but with meditation, you realize happiness is always accessible internally.


An array of interesting looking dishes of food.

Some of the many delectable dishes at Botanica.

Alan Gastelum

I love eating out. Restaurants are such an exciting way to make new connections, try unusual cuisines, and explore fresh neighborhoods. I'm currently obsessed with Botanica in Silver Lake.

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5.Burning Man.

Actor Barret Foa dressed in a fur scarf on the salt flats at dawn.

Courtesy Barrett Foa

I, like many, had a ton of misconceptions about this place, but I took a deep breath, bought a ticket, and my life changed. All I'll say is figure it out, get over it, say yes, and GO. You'll laugh and cry and learn some unbelievable things about yourself and others.

6.Ice Cream.

A picture of a pint of ice cream from jeni's ice cream.

Courtesy Jeni's

I'm somewhat of a fanatic, and Jeni's ice cream is my favorite. They were one of the first ones to market salted caramel. Plus, they let you try as many flavors as you want—don't miss the Brown Butter Almond Brittle.


Actor Barret Foa in a denim shirt with the London landmark of Big Ben behind him.

Courtesy Barrett Foa

One thing I love about this job is getting to travel. New cultures, cuisines, people, sights, architecture, style. I love going away, getting inspired, and coming back with a fresh perspective.

Originally published in Watch! Magazine, September-October 2018.

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