The entire cast of Ghosts on set gathered around a computer.

Ghosts with the most

Photo credit: CBS

TV’s lovable, laugh-out-loud dead people are living their best lives off camera.

CBS doesn't just have regular ghosts—these Ghosts have some serious talent. On-screen, they're Vikings, Victorian matriarchs, and scout troop leaders. Off-screen? They're just plain old awesome.

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Devan Chandler Long: (Viking Thorfinn)

Devan Chandler Long on the football field in his University of Oregon uniform with his arms outstretched.

Devan Chandler Long

Photo credit: Kirby Lee/Getty Images

Devan Chandler Long used his 6’4” stature on the gridiron, breaking records as a defensive end football star at the University of Oregon through his graduation in 2005.

Danielle Pinnock: (Prohibition-era jazz singer Alberta)

Danielle Pinnock smirks and looks to the side in a still from one of her viral videos.

Danielle Pinnock

Photo credit:

Danielle Pinnock regularly displays her sassy smarts on TikTok, creating viral videos on “body courage” for her millions of followers.

Asher Grodman: (finance bro Trevor aka “T-Money”)

Asher grodman going over a document on a movie set.

Asher Grodman

Photo courtesy of Asher Grodman

Asher Grodman is an award-winning filmmaker who teaches acting at New York’s Hunter College and previously taught inmates at Rikers Island

Rebecca Wisocky: (Victorian matriarch Hetty)

Rebecca Wisocky in a car with her 2 dogs.

Rebecca Wisocky

Photo credit:

Rebecca Wisocky rescues dogs in need. She adopted Carlo in Puerto Rico and twins Primrose and Tank at the start of the pandemic.

Román Zaragoza: (Native American Sasappis)

A crew photo from behind the scenes of the movie This Is Their Land.

Román Zaragoza

Photo credit: Sydney Mei Ruf-Wong

Román Zaragoza is currently producing his senior thesis film, titled This Is Their Land, about the Modoc War of 1872–73. His impressive mission: to raise the voices of the oppressed and help build a geography of hope for marginalized people.

Richie Moriarty: (Scout troop leader Pete)

An architectural photograph of a water feature on a Boston rooftoop.

Richie Moriarty

Photo credit: Richie Moriarty

Richie Moriarty nerds out about lenses and f-stops. He spent eight years as an architectural photographer photographing homes all over the Boston area.

Sheila Carrasco: (’60s wild child Flower)

Sheila Carrasco performing on stage her one woman show.

Sheila Carrasco

Photo credit: Shay Yamashita

Sheila Carrasco earned a graduate degree from Harvard and recently wrote and starred in a virtual one-woman show, Anyone But Me, exploring female identity.

Brandon Scott Jones: (Revolutionary War captain Isaac Higgintoot)

A stock image of a tennis raquet and five tennis balls against a white backdrop.

Brandon Scott Jones

Photo credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Brandon Scott Jones was a competitive USTA Junior Tennis player and is an “enormous tennis fan who will talk about it to anyone who will pretend to listen.”

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Catch up with Ghosts streaming on Paramount+.