Hawaii Five-0's Alex O'Loughlin Adorably Reads A Kid's Book

Hang ten with H50 star Alex O'Loughlin as he hosts a delightful story time session in this Watch! production.

"Hello, Sun. Hello, Day. Wake up, babies. Time to play!"

On a picturesque Hawaiian day, Alex O'Loughlin takes a break from his Watch! photo shoot in Honolulu, and dives into the role of playful father, expertly reading the children's book Hello Lamb.

While we are used to seeing the Hawaii Five-0 star fight crime as Detective Steve McGarrett on CBS's hit drama, in real life, this father of three is no stranger to reading children stories, as you can tell by Alex's epic "baas" and "moos." It's safe to say we will be enjoying Jane Cabrera's wonderful book over and over again.

Read about Hello Lamb and discover more enchanting children's books at Simon & Schuster.

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