The Young and The Restless cast gathered around a cake celebrating Melody Thomas Scott's 40 years on the show

The cast of The Young and The Restless

Y&R celebrates Melody Thomas Scott’s 40th anniversary on the show!

By Joey Anthony

While viewers of The Young and the Restless looked back at Nikki Newman's life in the February 20th tribute episode, cast, crew, family, and friends of the #1 Daytime drama came together to celebrate portrayer Melody Thomas Scott's four decades in Genoa City.

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Cake Time!

Melody Thomas Scott kneeling next to and pointing at her cake

From custom cake to tailored toasts, Y&R celebrated Melody Thomas Scott's career milestone with one big party on the set.

Photography by Cliff Lipson/CBS.

The stage where Y&R tapes was decked out with memorabilia from Scott's personal collection and with Christian Jules Le Blanc (Michael Baldwin) serving as master of ceremonies, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott), Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman), Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman), and more took the mic to share love and laughs with the woman who's played such a beloved and legendary television character.

Industry Queen

Man standing at a microphone

Christian Jules Le Blanc took on the role of master of ceremonies.

Photography by Cliff Lipson/CBS.

Bergman put it all into perspective by reminding everyone that when Scott joined Y&R, Jimmy Carter was president and gas cost $0.86 a gallon.

He also marveled that she's filmed well over 3,000 episodes. "Melody, you're one of the queens of the industry—never mind Daytime," he gushed. "I'm thrilled to have gotten to work with you."

Proud Colleague

Melody Thomas Scott on the cover of Watch

Melody Thomas Scott's 40th anniversary Watchcover story, on newsstands 3/19!

Photography by Cliff Lipson/CBS.

That was the sentiment across the board, but Braeden was particularly moved by Nikki's tribute episode. "You were beautiful, baby, and you still are," he cooed, adding that women across the world want to emulate Scott. "Beautiful, strong, and sometimes too obstreperous with me. You have a great sense of humor. I adore that. And when they say 5-4-3-2-1, you're on the spot. You're right there. I'm proud to have had you as a colleague."

Fun Facts

Melody Thomas Scott with a crowd of friends in family in front of her celebratory cake

Friends and family (on and off-air) came together to celebrate Melody Thomas Scott's 40th year on The Young and the Restless.

Photography by Cliff Lipson/CBS.

Her on-screen kids got a little more creative with their speeches. Morrow had the crowd cheering for a rap, but instead opted for a sweet, funny poem called "40" that honored his "Mama's talent, timing, and sense of humor.

Heinle, in turn, shared 13 fun factoids about Scott—which included her hatred of water, love of Sudoku, and photographic memory.

Accolades All Around

Amelia Heinie Eric Braeden Melody Thomas Scott and Joshua Morrow in front of a cake

Melody Thomas Scott with co-stars and on-screen family, Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman), Eric Braeden (Victor Newman), and Joshua Morrow (Nicholas Newman).

Photography by Cliff Lipson/CBS.

In addition to accolades from The Bold and the Beautiful showrunner Brad Bell and executives from Sony and CBS, Scott received a letter of praise from feminist critic and longtime fan Camille Paglia (who wrote Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson).

Finally, Scott took center stage to speak to her complicated childhood and the family she's found in Genoa City—and she wasn't just talking about former Y&R executive producer turned real-life husband Edward Scott and their children and five grandkids!

Beautiful Speech

Melody Thomas Scott delivering a heartfelt speech.

Photography by Cliff Lipson/CBS.

"Whether you know it or not, you are what bring me joy," she told the crowd. "You have made me laugh. You have made me cry. You have joked with me. You have grown with me. You have encouraged me. You have protected me. You have teased me. You have appeased me. You have fought with me. You have forgiven me. You have screamed with me. You have gossiped with me—you know who you are! You have mourned with me. You have embraced me, bad hair days and all. Today, you celebrate with me. All the above has meant so much to me because that's what families do, and that's why I can't wait to get here every day."

"Though it was long in coming, I know I am home," she concluded.

Woman Of The Hour

Melody Thomas Scott standing with John McCook for a picture

Melody Thomas Scott with John McCook, a Y&R alum now on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Photography by Cliff Lipson/CBS.

With that, it was time to eat cake—which was a lemon-flavored crossword puzzle designed by Hansen's Cakes in honor of two of Scott's obsessions.

The woman of the hour also invited everyone to a beautiful lunch, but there was no time for her to feast. The beloved actress was too busy accepting hugs and congratulations from past and current cast members and crew, friends, family, and Daytime colleagues like Y&R alums John McCook (formerly Lance Prentiss), Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher), Michael Graziadei (Daniel Romalotti), and J. Eddie Peck (Cole Howard).

As you can see, Scott fully enjoyed her 40th party—as did all her guests!

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