Kevin Durant holding a basketball in a shooting stance on a playground as spectators and NYPD officers look on

Kevin Durant in the shooting stance that's helped launch more than 24,000 points.

Photo by Bruno Aguirre on Unsplash

Brooklyn Nets superstar turns executive producer for a new streaming drama based on his life story

By Justin Neely

When the NBA announced its slate of 75 all-time great basketball players this month, anyone betting against Kevin Durant making the cut would doubtless also like the Washington Generals' odds of taking the Globetrotters this fall. Durant's 14 seasons in professional basketball haven't lacked controversy, but no one has ever doubted KD's transcendent skills or his desire to win. Ball don't lie and neither do these stats.

Durant's got SWAGGER, and on the court he can't be denied. But how are his storytelling skills? We're about to find out.

Starting October 29 Durant changes positions with the debut of Swagger, a new basketball drama streaming on Apple TV+. As an executive producer, he joins another star team, including CBS Studios, to dramatize his journey from standout prospect to global superstar.

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