The cast of United States of Al holds up a sign proclaiming #afghanrefugeeswelcome

The cast of United States of Al

Photo credit: Hila Hamidi

United States of Al star Elizabeth Alderfer helps Afghan refugees start over.

By Yolanda Crous

As the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan unfurled, United States of Al star Elizabeth Alderfer channeled her horror into action. On the show, Alderfer plays Lizzie, the sister of a Marine veteran (Parker Young) who brings his Afghan interpreter (Adhir Kalyan) to the U.S. In real life, Alderfer and her castmates joined forces with No One Left Behind, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting Afghan interpreters and allies.

“Here’s this incredible organization helping the very people whose story we’re trying to tell [on the show],” says Alderfer. “I’m so grateful to them for putting me to work.” Alderfer waded through a tsunami of desperate emails, working to ensure that families had the documents they needed to leave Kabul.

“On the morning of the bombing [at Kabul airport], I received an email from someone at the airport 45 minutes before that bomb went off,” she says. “I still don’t know what happened to him.”

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