Max Greenfield and Cedric The Entertainer face off in fighting stances
Getting To Know Cedric The Entertainer And Max Greenfield From The Neighborhood
Photography by Eric Ray Davidson. Styled by Ashley Zohar.

Interview with actors Cedric the Entertainer and Max Greenfield, who bring the funny—and a real friendship—to The Neighborhood.

By John Griffiths

Thanks to a blazing hot end-of-summer day, it's a little stuffy in The Neighborhood's production office in Studio City, California. Yet when the sitcom's two main stars, Cedric the Entertainer and Max Greenfield, arrive for a chat just ahead of a cast table read, the room suddenly exudes cool. Greenfield, snazzy in what Instagrammers might call "athleisure wear" (off-white casual-chic pants and shirt to match), shows the engaging charms—but not the puppy-dog neediness—of his character Dave Johnson, a small-town Midwesterner starting a new life with his family in a mostly black section of L.A. And the man born Cedric Antonio Kyles, stand-up comedy legend or not, carries himself with enough humility—and his own casual élan—to be dubbed Cedric the Walking Chill Pill. (His guarded Neighborhood alter ego, the Dave-resistant Calvin Butler, might take some cues!)

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