Three versions of actress Emily Wickersham in floral print dress amidst the treetrunks
Photography by Christopher Ross. Styling by Christopher Campbell.

NCIS' Emily Wickersham on New York, nicknames and being the new girl.

When Emily Wickersham replaced Cote de Pablo on NCIS, people who like to talk about these things said she had big shoes to fill; Ziva was, after all, a dearly departed on TV's most-watched drama in its 11th—and counting!—season. But rather than just filling those shoes, Wickersham has put on a new pair and run free as "probie" agent Ellie Bishop, a Midwesterner with bright eyes and an even brighter mind.
In real life, the Kansas-born actress (whom you may know from The Sopranos, The Bridge or the movie Gone, with Amanda Seyfried) is somehow even lovelier than her character. Over a basket of fries at Hollywood's 101 Coffee Shop, she opens up about everything from taking her first bullet to what Michael Weatherly calls her when the cameras stop rolling. (Hint: It ain't "probie.")
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