Multiple exposure of Actress Mädchen Amick in a black skirt and top in front of a brick wall.
Photography by Justin Stephens. Styled by Jordan Grossman.

Twin Peaks and Riverdale star Mädchen Amick on Hollywood dreams, reviving legendary roles, and putting family first.

By Fred Schruers

On an overcast Los Angeles afternoon, Mädchen Amick makes her way down a stone pathway leading to the garden patio of Chateau Marmont's restaurant and arrives at our table with a slight smile, perhaps acknowledging that heads all around have subtly turned.

The bone structure that first caught Hollywood's eye in April 1990, when she was just 19 and a sudden star in David Lynch's Twin Peaks, still commands attention. The ever-striking Amick has brought along a jacket but settles in with only a sheer white blouse keeping off the slight chill in the air. From the first moment, she's the ideal interviewee—open and accessible in the way secure people are, disarmingly candid, ready to laugh, and free of the nerves that sometimes accompany this part of the job.

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