Kyland, Azah, Derek F, Hannah, Xavier, and Tiffany

Can anyone stop the Cookout Alliance from dominating BB23?

Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS.

Watch writers debate who'll win the $750K prize—plus who belongs on the BB Mount Rushmore and where the Cookout ranks among alliances.

By Nate Millado

Here's the reality: I'm a huge Big Brotheraficionado. I've been watching from the very beginning (yes, all the way, way back to Chicken George) and have seen every move-in, key turn, endurance comp, showmance, alliance, and blindside—and I worship both the Chenbot and Zingbot. Half the fun of this summer guilty pleasure has been texting with my bestie (and fellow BB super-fan), Lindsay—especially during those exciting Double (and Triple) Evictions. Now that the BB23 houseguests are officially in Jury, she and I go back and forth over what we think of the season so far!

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