Thomas John

Thomas John is a world-renowned psychic medium who connects with the other side.

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In CBS All Access' original series The Thomas John Experience, the psychic medium connects ordinary people with the other side.

By Nate Millado

Thomas John is a world-renowned psychic medium who bridges the gap between everyday folks and loved ones who have passed. If you're a little skeptical, his CBS All Access show, The Thomas John Experience, just might make you a believer!

These eight shocking readings—sometimes with John behind the wheel of a ride-share!—offer emotional insight and closure between the living and the dead.

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Mother Knows Best

Shocked woman with hands on her face

Meagan is stunned when Thomas John connects with her late mother.

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Thomas John picks Meagan up from Los Angeles' Fashion District in his ride-share, and he immediately connects with a "very particular" (a.k.a. stubborn) woman from the other side, who jokes about wigs. Turns out it is Meagan's mom, who died from breast cancer five years ago. She's bummed she missed Meagan's wedding—"She would have planned the whole thing!" her daughter quips—but acknowledges that she likes Meagan's husband. John also picks up on some baby vibes. "Maybe I need to go home and take a pregnancy test!" (Meagan does and—Mom was right—she is expecting!)

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From Drag to Dead People

Two drag queens give each other a shocked look

Drag queens Daisy Confused and The Darling in Thomas John's ride-share in New Orleans.

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A pair of New Orleans drag queens werk their way into Thomas John's car, and the psychic medium delivers a message from The Darling's disapproving grandfather. Apparently, he wasn't very accepting of The Darling's identity, so "I was awful back" to him, she admits. Grandpa Bob made The Darling feel unlovable as a child but wishes he could have done things differently. "I'm sorry, too," The Darling apologizes, before saying, "I'm glad I got into this stupid car!"

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Airing Out Family Business

Man wipes tears at picnic table with his family and Thomas John

T-Mike breaks down when he gets a message from his grandfather.

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T-Mike runs a wildlife sanctuary specializing in gators, a family business for generations. First, Thomas John conveys a message to T-Mike's significant other, Rebecca, whose dad, Ken, died before her son River was born. While he missed that milestone, Ken says he will be there for her brother's upcoming wedding.

Meanwhile, John connects with T-Mike's old-school grandfather, who apparently wasn't very affectionate. "Don't ever feel I didn't love you, because I do," he tells T-Mike through John.

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I Will Always Love You

Teary-eyed woman on park bench talks to Thomas John

Woman hears from her dead boyfriend through Thomas John.

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Thomas John approaches a woman named Lydia on a park bench. He's drawn to her because her recently deceased boyfriend has a message for her. Lydia's smooth-talking boyfriend had a larger-than-life personality and loved to cook (he whipped up a big pot of gumbo for his mom's birthday the night before he died). According to Lydia, he left his mom's house sober, but his roommates said he came home "falling-down drunk, so I question what happened," she says.

While her boyfriend didn't get a chance to say goodbye, he wants to assure Lydia that what happened to him was a "mistake and not intentional." Seemingly at peace, Lydia tells her boyfriend, "I love you so much, and I wish I was with you that night."

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Civil Unrest

Civil war re-enactors

Civil war re-enactors listen to what Thomas John has to say.

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While in Boston, Thomas John scopes out a Civil War reenactment. The costumed re-enactors gather around afterward to hear John's messages from beyond. Gus is shocked when the medium reveals info that no outsider would know—including a message from "Pete," his brother, whose given name was Charles. Pete wants Gus to send love to his only daughter, Beth, who's been struggling. Gus also hears from his mustached friend "Tim," who accidentally died during a reenactment.

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Twin Connection

Wife consoles husband

Boston native Mike gets a message from his dead twin brother.

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"You look perplexed in the mirror. Are you getting a message?" Bostonian Mike asks after he gets into Thomas John's car with his wife. Actually, John does have a message for Mike ... from his identical twin brother, Kevin, who was killed by a car when they were 10; Mike witnessed the tragedy. "It was as if he lost a part of himself," Mike's wife says. Kevin assures them that the "impact wasn't painful" and that he feels honored that the couple named their eldest son after him.

After the ride, Mike says he is a better person because of the experience and will go through life with a more positive attitude.

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Hoop Dreams

Thomas John gives a woman a reading

Thomas John delivers a message from a woman's dead son, who was an athlete.

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With her daughter in tow, a mother goes to see Thomas John, who has visions of "a yellow sock and a purple sock." The mismatched pair was a trademark of her athlete son. "Nobody could touch me on the basketball court," her son says through John. (Apparently he still has a ton of swagger on the other side!)

John tells the mother that her son, who died suddenly on the court, "didn't suffer" and that he's proud of his sister for stepping up to look after their mom. (Cue the waterworks!) Her son also makes a reference to the pregnant woman's fifth child. "Don't have any more after, Mom!"

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The Good Son

\u200bTearful man in the back seat of the car

A man breaks down after hearing from his dad through Thomas John.

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When a man hops into Thomas John's ride-share, the medium receives a message from a strict man named Edgar (the rider's dad). Edgar is on the other side with the man's sister, who died of complications from lupus. "We're your angels," Edgar says. "We watch over you."

Dad is proud that the man coaches youth football and that he "kept [his] word." The man starts bawling because he knows what Edgar's referring to: "You gotta take care of your mom when I'm not here." And he did. The football coach says he's "on a cloud" and that this was the greatest day of his life.

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