Key art for Gossip Girl on HBO Max

Get ready for a new Gossip Girl.

Photo credit: HBO Max

XOXO…we know you'll love it! Plus: Will Serena and Blair be back in the Upper East Side?

By Nate Millado

Spotted: A newcomer arrives at Constance Billard and stirs up the status quo of Manhattan's elite—and Gossip Girl returns just in time to spill all the tea on the next generation of schemers and socialites. That's right, the iconic teen soap that arguably put The CW on the map is back for a one-night stand.

A continuation of the Gossip Girl saga premieres on HBO Max—with a special one-night-only rebroadcast where it all began. Nine years after Gossip Girl signed off (spoiler alert: It was Dan!), a new clique of upper-crust Upper East Siders promises to be our next summer obsession. Here's everything you need to know about the highly anticipated reboot.

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