Michael Dorman as Joe Pickett stares into the camera in medium close-up wearing a western hat and outdoorsman's jacket

Michael Dorman as Joe Pickett

Photo credit: Spectrum

Joe Pickett's Wyoming is a state away from Yellowstone Ranch and the Duttons, but danger in the New West still looms large.

By Justin Neely

The American West is a mighty big place, both in reality and in all that its dramatic landscapes conjure in the imagination. In the past few years, though, the fictional Dutton family has staked an enormous claim on the attention of those enjoying the new wave of Western storytelling on small and big screens alike.

Viewers of both 1883 and Yellowstone can attest to the power of John Dutton, his forebears, and his heirs to get you hooked on dramatic narratives set in Big Sky country. But hold tight to your reins, Duttonites, because on May 15, there's a new game warden in town. (Somebody better let Rip know to keep his eyes open on those trips to the "train station.")

Joe Pickett, streaming on Paramount+ after a small but highly successful debut as a Spectrum original series, will transport viewers to present-day Wyoming. There's plenty more than a state border to distinguish the titular character (played by Michael Dorman) and his world from the explosive happenings at the Yellowstone Ranch or on the trail West. But with nature itself as an oversized presence in all these fictional worlds, there's also a lot they have in common.

A quick survey of these adjoining landscapes should help clear things up and get you ready to enjoy a different kind of adventure in the New West.

Watch Joe Pickett streaming on Paramount+.

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