Mark Harmon on set and an image of blue set chairs.
Patrick McElhenney/CBS (Clapper Board)

With over 18 million viewers in more than 200 territories worldwide, NCIS has become a global phenomenon.

By Tom Roston

There are many ways to gauge the incredible success of NCIS. You might start with the fact that it's been the No. 1 or 2 most watched show in the world over the past three years. Or that it has consistently been the top-ranked drama in the United States for more than a decade.

Or you could peruse the internet to count the rabid fan offerings—from Tolstoy-length fan fiction to "Mrs. MarkHarmon" T-shirts to a variety of Abby dolls (crochet, anyone?). Another clear indicator is something Harmon recently said over lunch to his longtime NCIS executive producer, Chas. Floyd Johnson: "After 14 years, I still love coming to work with this cast and this crew."
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