The five hosts of The Talk stand at individual payphones talking.
Photography by Art Streiber and Styled by Cara Giannini.

Strike up the band and uncork the champagne. The addition of four fabulous new hosts—and one pledge to keep the conversation spirited, not spiteful—has made The Talk the toast of the town.

By Mara Reinstein

Nine minutes and eight seconds. That's how long it takes for the five hosts of The Talk to stop chit-chatting on a joint late-afternoon Zoom call and settle down so this interview can officially begin.

“Natalie, I need to call you because I want to tell you something I just heard!” Sheryl Underwood crows to Natalie Morales. (Alas, her news is too R-rated to be revealed here.) Jerry O’Connell, checking in from behind the wheel of his car, still can’t believe Amanda Kloots dropped to the floor on that day’s live episode and started demonstrating aerobic pelvic thrusts. Akbar Gbajabiamila wants to make sure everyone on the call can see him. Morales ultimately declares, “We’re very good at picking up on each other’s cues ... even nonverbal ones.”

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