​The cast of Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars all dressed in white drag outfits with crystal and diamond beadwork

The cast of Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars

Richard Phibbs/Paramount+

Who will be crowned Queen of All Queens? The new season is the first to feature an all-winners cast.

By Kathy Passero

We’re seeing stars—All Stars, that is. Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars gears up just in time for Pride Month, with eight beloved winners from past Drag Race seasons hitting the runway to compete for the title “Queen of All Queens” and a cash prize of $200,000, the biggest prize in Drag Race herstory.

Here’s a Ru-veal of this season’s contenders for the crown. Get ready for talent, towering stilettos, and plenty of tea!

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JAIDA ESSENCE HALL (Winner, Season 12)

\u200bJaida Essence Hall wears an updo wig and a diamond sequined bodysuit with transparent panels and matching long gloves and thigh high stockings

Jaida Essence Hall

Richard Phibbs/Paramount+

“Look over there!” Jaida, who won in the first-ever virtual finale thanks to the pandemic, combines the elegance of a pageant queen with the quick wit of comedy queen, as she proved in the memorable political debate challenge that gave rise to her trademark catchphrase. She also impressed the judges by making all her own runway fashions.

JINKX MONSOON (Winner, Season 5)

Jinkx Monsoon in a long white dress with crystal beading and a red wig with ringlets

Jinkx Monsoon

Richard Phibbs/Paramount+

The quirky, narcoleptic, musical theater queen charmed fans with her sweetness in the face of nonstop heckling from Roxxxy Andrews (It’s just “water off a duck’s back,” as she often muttered under her breath), her unexpected fashions, and her killer Snatch Game performance as Little Edie from Gray Gardens.

MONÉT X CHANGE (Winner, All Stars Season 4)

Mon\u00e9t X Change wearing a Medusa wig with fishnet stockings and a white patterned mini dress with cutouts and puffy sleeves that slide off her left shoulder

Monét X Change

Richard Phibbs/Paramount+

Season 10’s Miss Congeniality tied with Trinity the Tuck for the Season 4 All Stars crown. Not only does Monet have comedy chops, but she’s also a lip sync assassin known for her jump splits—and even more for the famous (among fans) fake-out when she didn’t do the jump splits in her lip sync against Dusty Rae Bottoms.

RAJA (Winner, Season 3)

Raja in a blue Marcel wave wig with a flesh toned sequined jumpsuit with cowl neck and boxy jacket covered in beads


Richard Phibbs/Paramount+

The OG glamor queen is as stunning with silver hair as she was with ebony locks. America’s Next Top Model fans might remember her from her pre–Drag Race days as a makeup artist. Raja is revered for her supermodel legs and her iconic runway fashions, which have channeled everyone from Sally Bowles to Marie Antoinette to Stephen King's Carrie (complete with blood bucket hat).

SHEA COULEÉ (Winner, All Stars Season 5)

Shea Coule\u00e9  in a crystal and rhinestone beaded jumpsuit with shoulder and hip details that look like crystal clusters of

Shea Couleé

Richard Phibbs/Paramount+

This Chicago queen has described herself as “a classic black glamazon ... equal parts bourgie and banjee ... high class but also ‘Lemonade’ budget.’” With a background in costume design, Coulée won praise for her inventive fashions (including a memorable twist on Botticelli’s TheBirth of Venus), her comic chops (an epic Snatch Game as Flavor Flav), and her lip sync prowess.

TRINITY THE TUCK (Winner, All Stars Season 4)

Trinity the Tuck in a platinum wig and a shimmering transparent dress with panniers dripping with beaded fringe

Trinity the Tuck

Richard Phibbs/Paramount+

Self-professed plastic surgery junkie and queen of the tuck to end all tucks, Trinity shared the Season 4 All Stars crown with Monet X Change. Not surprisingly, this fantastic plastic queen is known for serving body-ody-ody. She also revealed an unexpected talent for comedy with her performance as Caitlyn Jenner in the Dating Game challenge during All Stars Season 4.

THE VIVIENNE (Winner, Season 1 RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. )

The Vivienne in a gravity defying white curled wig and a shimmery gold and rhinestone jumpsuit with a matching wraparound skirt slit to the waist

The Vivienne

Richard Phibbs/Paramount+

The first-ever U.K. Drag Race winner proved queens on the other side of the pond could SLAY with her killer impression of Trump and her incredible runway fashions. (Remember the Rainy Day Eleganza look?) "I like to have a really fierce look, but I like to be hilarious on stage so I’m kind of old school and the new school put together,” she has explained. She also won praise for her professionalism in the Werk Room.

YVIE ODDLY (Winner, Season 11)

Yvie Oddly in an asymmetrical beige faux fur and rhinestone striped outfit with one sleeve draping to the floor and one pant leg covered in beaded fringe while the other is in a fishnet stocking

Yvie Oddly

Richard Phibbs/Paramount+

The name says it all. The quintessential drag “oddity” (her word) stands out for her sublimely varied and unexpected runway lewks, her ability to bend and twist like a rubber band during lip syncs, and her deep, distinctive laugh. The designer, rapper, and recording artist is also known for her candor in the Werk Room, which rubbed some of her competitors the wrong way.

Stream the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars exclusively on Paramount+. New episodes drop weekly on Fridays.

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