The cast of Young Sheldon stands in front of a red velvet curtain.

The cast of Young Sheldon

Photography by David Needleman.

The cast of Young Sheldon couldn't be any cuter in these exclusive photos.

The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper may have his PhD in physics, but his true talent seems to be in alchemy—because as hit comedy Young Sheldon proves, everything the guy touches turns to gold.

The show, depicting the fussbudget scientist in his formative years, was an immediate hit when it launched last Fall, and has earned Sheldon's young alter-ego, 10-year-old actor Iain Armitage, a nomination for a 2018 Teen Choice Award.

Watchcaught up with some of the cast of Young Sheldon at Paley Fest at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. If you loved the Cooper clan before, you're going to heart them even more. Scroll through to see what makes these stars so special.

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Iain Armitage enjoys a special sibling bond.

Iain Armitage, who plays Sheldon, sits on a bench whil wearing a suite and red leather sneakers.

Iain Armitage

Photography by David Needleman.

Like Sheldon Cooper, Iain Armitage is a prodigy at merely age 13. But unlike the character, Iain himself is an only child. That's one of the biggest reasons why, he says, doing Young Sheldon has been so much fun.

Working with his on-screen twin sister Raegan Revord, also 13, "Now we really are just like siblings," Iain explains. In the show's downtime, "We like to monkey around, jumping and climbing on things."

Raegan Revord has Southern roots.

Raegan Revord wears a floral print dress and smiles.

Raegan Revord

Photography by David Needleman.

Missy Cooper may be from the South, but actress Raegan Revord is actually from Southern California. So how does she nail Missy's perfect Texas twang? "My parents are from Mississippi and Tennessee, so they coached me a lot," Missy says. "And my Meemaw has a very big accent. Sometimes my mother actually has to translate for us, which is really funny."

Zoe Perry adores her TV family

Zoe Perry and Raegan Revord poses as mother and daughter.

Zoe Perry and Raegan Revord

Photography by David Needleman.

Right away in Young Sheldon's first season, Zoe Perry says, the actors playing the Coopers "started having pool parties, and definitely became a family. It would be hard not to." Herself the daughter of two TV veterans—The Big Bang Theory's Laurie Metcalf and Scandal's Jeff Perry—Zoe knows what it's like to grow up around Hollywood sound stages.

But she hasn't really felt the need to offer her TV kids any advice on career do's and don't's. There's no need, she says, because "They've got some really great parents who keep them grounded."

Montana Jordan is a Texas native.

Motana Jordan wears a black suit and flashes two thumbs up.

Motana Jordan

Photography by David Needleman.

As the only Young Sheldon actor who actually hails from the Lone Star State, 19-year-old Montana Jordan can vouch for the authenticity of the show's setting. The show's production designers "have put everything together really well," he says, and as a result, "my favorite scenes are the ones at the dinner table, because they feel so much like real life. I think that's why so many fans tell me they like them, too."

Zoe Perry learned her craft from the best.

Actress Zoe Perry smiles broadly.

Zoe Perry

Photography by David Needleman.

Playing a late 1980s Mary Cooper, Zoe Perry is in the unique position of portraying the younger version of a character already established by an Emmy-winning actress—her own real-life mother, Laurie Metcalf.

"I definitely revisited all her scenes prior to auditioning for Young Sheldon," Zoe remembers. "But then once we started filming, I felt some freedom to explore the character on my own, only because the scripts are so rich, and all the material is right there for the taking. Also, this Mary Cooper is at a different stage of life, so her priorities might be a little different, as well as her sensibility."

Watch Young Sheldon Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Stream anytime on Paramount+.

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