Y&R Cast Members Share Their Favorite Jaw-Dropping Moments On The Show

The Young and the Restless may be pushing 50, but it's as hot as ever.

CBS' popular Daytime series is forever young

To celebrate Y&R's 45th anniversary, cast members past and present shared with Watch some of Genoa City's sexiest, shocking, and most memorable moments.

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Sweet revenge

Jess Walton and Jeanna Cooper having a cake fight on set

Photography by Aaron Montgomery/

"There was this huge, three-tiered wedding cake and when we went at it, we got frosting all over the floor. I was slipping and sliding everywhere. In the middle of it all, Melody [Thomas Scott] asked if she could shove a handful of cake in my face. It was hilarious." — Jess Walton on the well-known Katherine-Jill cake fight scene

Sexy time

Jason Thompson and Gina Tognoni in an elevator on set

Photography by Howard Wise/

"Phyllis and Billy end up having sex in the elevator often—that's 'their place.' I hope it's a tall building so it takes some time to get to the top floor and back. If it's a three-story building, it's not very impressive." — Jason Thompson on his steamy scenes with co-star Gina Tognoni

Making an entrance

Mishael Morgan in a pink dress

Photography by Cliff Lipson/CBS.

"I've kissed Peter [Bergman]. I've kissed Darnell Kirkwood. I've kissed Bryton James. I've kissed Kristoff St. John. Hilary came on the show and just started kissing everyone."— Mishael Morgan on her character Hilary Curtis


Jason Thompson dancing and dipping a woman in red

Photography by Cliff Lipson/CBS.

"He lives on the edge and is reckless at times with his heart, but I don't think he wants to be a bad guy."— Jason Thompson on his "bad boy" character, Billy Abbott

Hot mess

Sharon Case dumping a bottle of water over Melody Thomas Scott on set

Photography by Howard Wise/

"I have had some great fight scenes with Melody. We had one where we were in a barn rolling around, struggling with each other in hay barrels. She poured water over my head, and I dunked her head into a bucket of horse water." — Sharon Case on her fight scenes with Melody Thomas Scott

A fighting chance

Jess Walton and Jeanna Cooper having a fight with two backyard hoses on set

Photography by Aaron Montgomery/JPI.

"Ashley Abbott is a little more civilized, she's not really the hair-pulling type. The best fights in the history of the show, I think, were with Jill and Katherine." — Eileen Davidson on daytime drama

Storylines with a twist

Camryn Grimes and Cait Fairbanks kissing on set

Photography by Howard Wise/

"The most envelope-pushing thing right now is the lesbian storyline. I personally love that boundaries are being knocked down on our show." — Jess Walton on the show's storyline with Mariah and Tessa

A star is born

Shemar Moore standing with his hand on the shoulder of another man

Photography by Aaron Montgomery/

"There's a different kind of fame when it comes to soaps. I would walk into a gas station or airport when I was on The Young and the Restless, and people wouldn't know my real name... I came out of nowhere thanks to this show. To this day, I still meet people who think of me as Drucilla's baby daddy and the guy who slept with his brother's wife." — Y&R alum Shemar Moore on playing Malcolm Winters

Legendary lovers

Melody Thomas Scott standing behind Eric Braeden with her hands on his shoulders

Photography by Robert Voets/CBS.

"We still don't know why we have chemistry, but we get really into it, especially when we're battling. I have slapped him without him realizing it was coming."— Melody Thomas Scott on her on-screen relationship with Eric Braeden

Major impact

The scene of The Young and The Restless where Cassie Newman is in the hospital before she dies

Photography by Brian Lowe/

"The storyline that changed our show more than any other had to be when Cassie Newman died. That affected so many characters and sent the show into completely different directions. It shook the foundation." — Peter Bergman on one of the memorable Y&R moments ever

New chapter

Camryn Grimes sitting on the couch with a glass of wine having a conversation

Photography by Monty Brinton/CBS.

"I knew they wanted to bring me back someday but didn't know in what capacity. And when I did get to return as Mariah, I wasn't sure people would accept me as anyone but Cassie. I couldn't wrap my head around the idea of people not liking me if I was someone mean." — Camryn Grimes on returning to the show

Ladies man

Joshua Morrow kissing in a bathtub on set

Photography by Howard Wise/

"I've made my way through several characters as well. Nick has always had a real eye for the ladies and a real lack of judgment. I always like to have some Scope just to make sure I'm good to go."— Joshua Morrow on playing Nick Newman

Getting hot in here

Lauralee Belle being kissed on the head in bed on set

Photography by Sean Smith/

"With The Young and the Restless, you rarely see a sex scene. So when you do, it's like, 'Wow!'" — Lauralee Bell on the show's steamy scenes

Something to talk about

Shemar Moore in a grey shirt staring off

Photography by Aaron Montgomery/

"My godfather was gay and died of AIDS when I was 17. That was my first encounter with the disease. Fast-forward to us doing a storyline on the show where my girlfriend dies of AIDS. It was very powerful and hit close to home for me, especially because I was just starting to get it together as an actor. It was a huge moment for me to realize I was part of something that mattered, that had such relevance." — Shemar Moore on discovering the power of television

More than just a soap opera

A man and a woman in evening wear

Photography by Sonja Flemming/CBS.

"While we do lighter storylines, The Young and the Restless can be informative and helpful and open up the way people think about things like AIDS, abortion, cancer, or whatever. In that sense, we're just continuing the idea that Bill Bell started 45 years ago."— Eileen Davidson, on the daytime delivering more than just drama

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