9 Reasons We Are Mad About Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik in white outfit
Photography by James Banasiak

She's all about girl power

Mayim Bialik in black lace top and red skirt

Photography by TJ Manou

As a feminist and academic, Mayim sees a future full of females who rule. She wants to help young women reach for the stars, and has penned a bestelling book, Girling Up, to help them do it.

Why, as a mother of two sons, did she aim her writing talents at teenage girls? "I used to be a girl and I am a woman," she tells Watch! in this interview about her inspiring tome. "This is about the process of becoming a woman. But I dedicated the book to my sons because I hope they encounter strong, smart, and spectacular women—and men—in their lives."

Photography by TJ Manou. Exclusive to

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