Chyler Leigh
Photo Credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images (Left) | Jack Rowand/The CW (Right)

From filming fight scenes to running after her kids, Chyler Leigh's active lifestyle gives her core values and exercise power.

By Yolanda Crous, reporting by Deanna Barnert

For Chyler Leigh, playing Supergirl's butt-kicking secret agent sister Alex Danvers is as fun as it looks. "It's just so opposite of who I am," she says. A big part of the thrill? Getting to pick up serious fighting skills on set. "I work really hard on stunts with our coordinators," she says. "You've just got to go all out, because we don't get a lot of time before we actually do the fight sequences. We're learning a lot of it on the fly. Our stunt coordinators are incredible."

Of course, to look that good sparring with Supergirl herself [ Melissa Benoist], you need to stay in prime condition. Here, some of The CW star's training secrets.

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