Actor Gary Cole from NCIS leans against a wooden fence wearing a dark blue corduroy jacket.

NCIS actor Gary Cole in a jacket by Eton

Photo credit: Shayan Asgharnia

He’s played some of your favorite roles in some of your favorite movies. Now, as Gary Cole joins the cast of NCIS, get ready to add a new one to your list.

By David Hochman

There's a new supervisor at NCIS, and if you can get him those TPS reports ASAP, that’d be greaaat.

Gary Cole, the veteran actor best known for his iconic roles in The Brady Bunch Movie, Talladega Nights, and, yes, Office Space, as mediocre manager Bill Lumbergh, enters the “big orange room” of the longest-running series currently on CBS as head honcho Alden Parker. Joining one of the most popular shows on television sounds as unnerving as encountering a fresh stiff on a cold steel table, but Cole, 65, is the consummate pro.

Trained onstage at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company, he’s played a drug lord in Pineapple Express, a S.W.A.T. commander on Psych, and earned an Emmy nod as numbers cruncher Kent Davison on Veep. What’s a few more serial killers, right?

Photography by Shayan Asgharnia and styled by Ashley Zohar.

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