Get Blue Bloods Star Vanessa Ray's Pretty Ponytail Look

Stylist: Sasha Charnin Morrison. Hairstylist: Megan Robinson. Makeup Artist: Alex Byrne. Styling Assistant: Caryn Klingsberg. Clothing:

Photography by Christopher Ross.

Pony tales

Pony up! Blue Bloods' Vanessa Ray shows off the season's newest hairstyles for Watch! Magazine. Ponytails aren't just for the gym.

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Run wild

Vanessa Ray in a leopard print top.

Top by Ramy Brook.

Photography by Christopher Ross.

The contrast of sleek, deliberately oiled hair with a rumpled ponytail is a runway favorite. For that texture in the back, first create curls going in multiple directions, then tease them out and spray it all in place.

Do the tousle

Vanessa Ray with a textured use of mousse employed on her ponytail look.

Sweater by Theory.

Photography by Christopher Ross.

By giving the hair some texture—thanks to mousse if your hair is fine, and a curling iron—it looks perfectly undone.

The low down

Vanessa Ray with a side part ponytail.

Top by Free People.

Photography by Christopher Ross.

A ponytail that's slightly positioned to the short side of your part makes an elegant, Bardot-esque statement.

High and mighty

Vanessa Ray sports a classic cheerleader ponytail

Dress by Aqua.

Photography by Christopher Ross.

The classic cheerleader ponytail is now a red carpet staple. Just be sure the hair is slicked back tightly and the ponytail is positioned just slightly above the tops of the ears.

Watch Blue Bloods on CBS and CBS All Access.