Rob Gronkowski leaps from the floor holding a ribbon

Rob Gronkowski performs a crowd-pleasing gymnastics routine.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

A funny highlight reel of Rob Gronkowski's over-the-top antics on the sports-comedy competition show.

By Nate Millado

As team captain on CBS' sports-comedy hybrid Game On!,Super Bowl champ Rob Gronkowski isn't afraid to poke fun at himself—especially for a laugh. Each week, Gronk and tennis legend Venus Williams—along with their "ride-or-die" teammates, comedians Bobby Lee and Ian Karmel—compete in over-the-top athletic challenges. Hilarity ensues! Check out this highlight reel of Gronk in action.

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That Time Gronk Had A Baby

Gronk experiences simulated labor pains with the help of a birthing simulator attached to his abdomen

Gronk gets a dose of labor pain with the help of a birthing simulator.

Monty Brinton/CBS.

After Rob Gronkowski confidently brags that he could absolutely handle the pain of childbirth—as the audience loudly jeers—Game On! host Keegan-Michael Key calls his bluff. Key challenges Gronk to get into a birthing simulator that mimics labor pains by zapping electrical impulses to electrodes attached to his abdomen. Gronk proves he isn't a big baby after all, and ultimately earns the point. But Key definitely made him work for it!

That Time Gronk Did Ribbon Gymnastics

If you think football players can't be graceful, then you haven't seen Gronkowski slip into a unitard and dance with a ribbon! Gronk takes the floor in front of a panel of judges and performs a too-good-to-be-real routine set to Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is." Perfect 10s across the board, if you ask us!

That Time Gronk Horsed Around

Gronk and the Game On regulars race plush mechanical horses around the set

Venus Williams, Ian Karmel, Rob Gronkowski, Bobby Lee, and Keegan-Michael Key compete in a mechanical horse race.

Monty Brinton/CBS.

For this silly challenge, Gronk & Co. had to hop on mechanical thoroughbreds and lap a racetrack twice by "pumping and thrusting" their ponies. "Can we say that on broadcast?" Key quipped. Gronk was way ahead of his nearest competition, Venus—until his "horse" stalled right before the finish line. Slow and steady wins the race?

That Time Gronk Was A Life-Size Foosball Goalie

Gronk is strapped into a giant foosball game to serve as goalie

Gronk plays goalie in a life-size game of foosball.

Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Team captains Venus and Gronk try a new sport: life-size human foosball. After being strapped in as the paddles, the two are controlled by their teammates as they attempt to score goals on each other. It's worth watching just to see Gronk spin around like a "whirling dervish," as Key described him.

That Time Gronk Double Dutched

"If human beings were meant to jump, then why does gravity exist?" asked Gronkowski's teammate Bobby Lee. Still, Gronk and Bobby bust out their Matrix moves during a Double Dutch battle with Venus and Ian, and wow the professional jump ropers. Team Gronk wins the point!

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Stream Season 1 of Game On! on CBS All Access.