Jaime Lee Kirchner's Hidden Talent

The artist Jaime Lee Kirchner of the show Bull sits next to her three dimensional painting The Three Belles.

Bull star Jaime Lee Kirchner with her sculpture The Three Belles.

Photo Credit: Osvaldo Ponton.

Art has long been a personal outlet for Bull star Jaime Lee Kirchner. Now she's sharing it with the world and using her sixth sense to help others.

By Dan Allen

As Investigator Danny James on the hit drama Bull, actress Jaime Lee Kirchner uses her keen intuition to catch bad guys. But off- screen, Kirchner taps into her sixth sense for a greater good—creating meaningful art. "It's very specific, like a craving that comes over you or a call that you have to answer," says Kirchner of the moment an intuitive spark lights her creative process. "There's this feeling that you have to give yourself the time and the space to let your creativity come through."

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