The cast of The Bold and the Beautiful assembled in three rows posing for a group photo

The Bold and the Beautiful celebrates its 35th season on March 23rd. One of the world's most-watched Daytime Dramas, the series is seen by 35 million viewers in 100 countries every weekday.

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The popular CBS Daytime Drama star reflects on some all-time favorite moments in her character Brooke Logan's journey.

By Michelle Darrisaw

The Bold and the Beautiful'sKatherine Kelly Lang (who has played Brooke Logan since the show’s 1987 premiere) looks back on the epic fights, crazy plot twists, and sweet moments that made her swoon.

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Riding Down the Aisle on Horseback

Brooke glances over her right shoulder while riding on horseback and wearing a white wedding dress with a floral garland with white ribbons in her hair

Brooke makes a dramatic entrance at her first wedding to Ridge.

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“For Brooke’s first wedding to Ridge (currently portrayed by Thorsten Kaye) in Malibu, I got to wear a beautiful princess wedding gown and ride across the beach to the altar on my friend’s horse. It was a fairy tale wedding, and I felt like royalty riding towards my Prince Charming.”

Feuding with Matriarch Stephanie Forrester

Stephanie stands behind Brooke and uses a phone cord to try to strangle her near a staircase.

Stephanie tries to strangle Brooke with a phone cord.

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“Brooke has had epic fights with Stephanie (portrayed by Susan Flannery), many of which happened at the Big Bear cabin. There was one particular fight where Stephanie, tired of Brooke taking her men, tried to kill Brooke after learning that her son Thorne had proposed.”

Honeymooning with Eric in Palm Springs

Brooke and Eric stand facing each other in the basket of a yellow hot air balloon against a bright blue sky.

Brooke and Eric go up, up, and away for a romantic adventure.

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“Eric (portrayed by John McCook) and I rode in a hot air balloon and then rode horseback to a romantic oasis in the desert.”

Shooting on Remote Locations Around the World

Lang wears a white dress with flip-flops and leans against the curved base of a palm tree on a sandy beach.

Lang relaxes in Barbados between takes.

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“In Italy, we taped in Venice, Portofino, Lake Como, and Puglia, as well as Australia, Barbados, UAE, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Aspen, Colorado, and my favorite beach, Malibu, California—just to name a few. I’m very grateful for all the world travel B&B has given me.”

Tying the Knot (Almost) in Dubai

Brooke and Bill smile and reach out to clasp hands as both ride camels in the desert.

Brooke and Bill enjoy a camel ride.

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“Brooke and Bill’s (portrayed by Don Diamont) wedding in Dubai was interrupted by Ridge, who kidnapped Brooke. We got to ride camels!”

Sailing Off into the Sunset

Brooke and Nick stand on the deck of a yacht both wearing white as the boat leaves the harbor.

Brooke and Nick admire the view from onboard a yacht.

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“Brooke arrived in a horse-drawn carriage to marry Nick (portrayed by Jack Wagner) and then rode off into the sunset on the Shady Marlin, which was shot in Marina del Rey, California. It was magical to be on the water sailing away with my love.”

Getting Down to Business

Brooke wears a burgundy robe with marabou cuffs surrounded by models in lingerie during a fashion show to promote her clothing line.

Brooke strikes a pose during her fashion show.

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“Two big moments that stand out for me are the first time Brooke went up against all of the Forresters: Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, and Thorne (portrayed by Winsor Harmon) and, in a hostile takeover, became CEO of Forrester Creations. The other was when she created Brooke’s Bedroom line, and to Stephanie’s horror, it was a huge success.”

Letting Bygones Be Bygones

A disheveled Brooke looks terrified as she sits next to a smiling Stephanie at the end of a ride on a yellow roller coaster with a black interior.

Brooke looks shell-shocked as the coaster pulls into the station at the end of the ride.

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“Stephanie and Brooke come full circle. Stephanie asks Brooke to help her check items off her bucket list, and they ride the roller coaster at the Santa Monica pier, and then Stephanie dies peacefully in Brooke’s arms, all being forgiven.”

Brooke and Her Loves

Lang in a silver dress surrounded by five of her leading men from The Bold and the Beautiful, all in gray or blue suits

L to R: Don Diamont as Bill Spencer, Thorsten Kaye as Ridge Forrester, Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan, John McCook as Eric Forrester, Jack Wagner as Dominick "Nick" Marone, and Windsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

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