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Mädchen Amick Is A Mom We All Deserve

Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW.

Riverdale star Mädchen Amick is celebrating Mother's Day off-screen.

Mädchen Amick knows a thing or two about being a mom. The Riverdale actress—who made her directorial debut in the Season 4 finale—stars as Betty Cooper's mom in the teen drama, where she's kind of a badass. Mädchen's mom skills come from off-screen, though, where she's the mother of two (Mina and Sylvester).

In honor of Mother's Day, we've put together everything that makes this real-life mom a hit, on-screen and off!

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She loves being a mom

"I'm the luckiest person because I've been chosen to help guide [them] through this life."

She takes her job very seriously

Although they aren't really related, Mädchen treats her on-screen family like her own. She loves the Cooper family just as much as Mama Cooper herself.

Throwback queen!

Even though her kids are now grown, Mädchen can't help but reminisce a bit with the cutest baby pics!

Sister, Sister

Mädchen honored her favorite ladies in an Instagram post, including her TV daughter Lili Reinhart and her real-life daughter Mina Tobias.

Showing off her family

Mädchen is a supportive mom who puts family first (and loves posting about them), even when she's busy making her directorial debut.

The best birthday posts

The right combo of new and throw-back photos mixed with a heartfelt message… what more could a kid ask for?

She loves to laugh

Mädchen loves to have fun with her kids, even if that means making silly videos.

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