​Skyh Alvester Black seated and shown from the waist up wearing a bright multicolored pullover sweater.

Rising star Skyh Alvester Black

Photo credit: Leigh Keily

As Amp “Addiction” Anthony on the smash hit All the Queen’s Men, Skyh Alvester Black is royally good.

by Amelia Eager

Actor Skyh Alvester Black was just seven years old when he discovered he could capture an audience’s attention. “I did a play at a local theater,” says Black. “I remember I had this line, ‘You told me I sang so bad I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.’ Everybody laughed and I was like, Oh I’m kind of funny!

And talented. Professionally trained in tap and ballet, Black danced on tour and in world-famous music videos with the likes of Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, and Rihanna before turning to acting, with roles on BET’s Sistas and SHOWTIME’s Black Monday. This summer, he continued his breakout role as Amp on Season 2 of Tyler Perry’s BET smash hit All the Queen's Men, about an Atlanta nightclub run by a fierce businesswoman (Eva Marcille) who reigns over a crew of loyal dancers.

Watch talked to Black about his epic rise, his Queen’s Men character, and his (surprising) favorite off-camera hobby.

All the Queen’s Men streams on BET.

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Natural Talent

Amp wears a flannel shirt and knit cap and looks intently at Madam who holds a small terrier in a scene from Season 2.

Black stares down Marilyn “Madam” Deville (Eva Marcille) in the Season 2 episode “Bombs Over Buckhead.”

Photo credit: Courtesy of BET

How did you get your start in acting?

“I never knew I was going to be an actor. One day I had an audition for Debby Allen, one of the most influential people in Hollywood, and she hired me for the job. During the gig she said to me, ‘You know what? I’m going to make you an actor.’ And I was like no you’re not. That’s not me. And she said ‘Honey, you don’t know who you are yet.’ I’ve fallen in love with acting ever since.”

Amping Up

Amp sits on a couch wearing a black T shirt and looking distressed while Candace Maxwell as Dime tries to soothe him.

Amp worries while Dime (Candace Maxwell) tries to console him.

Photo credit: Courtesy of BET

Tell me about your character Amp on BET’s All the Queen’s Men. How is he like you? How is he different?

“I always say if I’m seeing Skyh within my character I’m not doing my job. But I will say if I can liken any of Amp’s circumstances to my own, I think about moving to L.A. and being homeless, starting acting, and leaving my dance background behind. I felt like at times I was lonely, and I had to deal with that. So that solitude is something both Amp and I had to go through.”

Reality Check

\u200bA promotional poster for All the Queen\u2019s Men showing Madam backed by her shirtless dancers in black shorts.

A promotional poster for All the Queen’s Men

Photo credit: Courtesy of BET

How did you prepare for the role?

“I wrote a 12-page backstory on Amp based on the circumstances of the first season. With the second season, I had to now re-write who Amp is and rediscover him because his circumstances and his temperament have drastically changed. I like to submerge myself in that character and his life before and during filming. Meryl Streep has said, ‘It has to feel real to me.’ And that’s something I strive for.”

Spare Time

Skyh Alvester Black shown from the waist up in a white turtleneck with his arms folded and his left hand on his chin.

Black strikes a pensive pose.

Photo credit: Leigh Keily

What are your hobbies and passions outside of acting?

“I have the weirdest hobby of going to look at open houses. I’m on Zillow and Redfin more than I’m on Instagram!”

All the Queen’s Men streams on BET.

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