NCIS Cast Members Have Never Looked Better

Photography by Christopher Ross.

We can't get enough of these amazing photos

The NCIS cast has become like a second family to millions of fans worldwide. Averaging over a 11 million viewers a week in more than 200 territories, CBS' number one show has become a global phenomenon. Now in its 17th season and celebrating 400 episodes this spring, NCIS currently holds the title "the most watched drama series in the world"—basically making it the biggest show on earth.

Watch! has captured stunning portraits of some of your favorite, fabulous NCIS cast members, like Brian Dietzen (pictured above), Sean Murray, Emily Wickersham, Mark Harmon, Wilmer Valderrama, Rocky Carroll, and David McCallum.

To whet your appetite before the new episodes air, scroll through to see these stars in ways you've never seen them before!

NCIS returns on Tuesday, March 10 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

Happy hour with Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama stand in a linen shirt and shorts in a tropical setting.

We'll have what Special Agent Nicholas "Nick" Torres having.

Photography by Nino Muñoz.

Wilmer Valderrama is Hawaiian magic

Wilmer Valderrama wearing a blue linen shirt with a tropical string of flowers around his neck

NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama takes in the beautiful Kahala Hotel & Resort.

Photography by Nino Muñoz.

Sean Murray is haute to trot

Sean Murray  wears a white tuxedo as he leans against a roaring fireplace.

NCIS star Sean Murray is ready for a night out on the town.

Photography by Tom Corbett.

Brian Dietzen is double trouble

Multiple Brian Dietzens are in this composite picture.

NCIS star Brian Dietzen nails these two roles: dapper gent and devilish sidekick.

Photography by Christopher Ross.

Emily Wickersham is a glam goddess

Emily Wickersham lounges on a couch wearing a feathery black dress.

NCIS star Emily Wickersham lounges in luxury.

Photography by Ian Derry.

Rocky Carroll is a charming fellow

Black and white image of Rocky Carroll wearing a suit and leaning against a wall.

NCIS star Rocky Carroll looks cinematic and chic in black and white.

Photography by Cliff Lipson.

Lost in Mark Harmon's bright eyes

Actor Mark Harmon wears a loose blue shirt while gazing at the camera.

Handsome NCIS star Mark Harmon looks picture perfect.

Photography by Art Streiber.

Emily Wickersham makes a grand entrance

Emily Wickersham wearing undergarments burst playfully into the room.

Here comes NCIS star Emily Wickersham!

Photography by Christopher Ross.

David McCallum is one dashing dude

David McCallum wears a dark suit with a burgundy bow tie.

NCIS star David McCallum cleans up nice.

Photography by Art Streiber.

Brian Dietzen has a gorgeous grin

Brian Dietzen wears a suit and smiles past the camera.

Fortune smiles upon us when Dr. Jimmy Palmer comes to visit.

Photography by Ian Derry.

Rocky Carroll plays it cool

Rocky Carroll wears a lavender sweater and reclines in a wicker cahir.

Where can we get that cool confidence, NCIS Director Leon Vance?

Photography by Cliff Lipson.

Emily Wickersham is a natural beauty

Emily Wickersham wears black lace dress and a floral patterned dress in these two forest photos.

A simply stunning Sonoma backdrop and an equally beautiful Emily Wickersham.

Photography by Christopher Ross.

A picture of Mark Harmon worth a thousand words

Mark Harmon wears a black shirt and stares into the camera.

NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs only needs a look to explain it all.

Photography by Art Streiber.

Brian Dietzen is two times charming

Actor Brian Dietzen appears twice in this composite image of him in a fancy apartment.

NCIS star Brian Dietzen delivers twice the nice in this cool composite photo.

Photography by Christopher Ross.

Emily Wickersham is the belle of the ball

Emily Wickersham wears a  blue floor length evening gown.

Special Agent Eleanor "Ellie" Bishop takes our breath away.

Photography by Ian Derry.

Emily Wickersham is ready for her close-up

Black and white image of Emily Wickersham sitting in a field of tall grass.

The camera loves NCIS beauty Emily Wickersham.

Photography by Christopher Ross.

Wilmer Valderrama is casual and cool

Wilmer Valderrama wears a green bomber jacket and relaxes in a leather wingback chair.

The handsome NCIS star has effortless style.

Photography by Nino Muñoz.

Sean Murray makes a statement.

Sean Murray wears a tuxedo in front of a large Love art installation.

We can't help falling in love with NCIS.

Photography by Tom Corbett.

NCIS returns on Tuesday, March 10 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.



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