Sasha Charnin Morrison's Style Guide: Big, Beautiful Cocktail Rings

Photo Credit: Illustration by Hilde Plumpepper. Ring by Farfetch.

Welcome to the Rock Stars edition of Casa de Sasha. Our style director's guide to all things fashion.

By Sasha Charnin Morrison

I ain't gonna lie: I love large rings with huge precious stones. My Crocs, black mascara, and cozy sweats are just crying out for some badly needed flash! My escapism? Enormous cocktail rings. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, opals, amethyst ... I caress them and feel secure, like they're armor in times of stress. I had become so stir-crazy in the same outfit for six months that I brought back one of my favorite items—large rings that cover most of my chubby little fingers. I even put them on over my plastic gloves. Funny how these became popular right after 1918 ... when the last pandemic hit us and Prohibition ushered in badass flappers who wore these rings to attract attention to their hands holding illegal beverages.

In 2020, they're everywhere. Tips: Do not match these glistening glaciers. The setting should be ornate and glorious. Wear them when you're home pouring a glass of wine for dinner. Mix with your loungewear and jeans. Pose for a perfect selfie. Coordinate with a tiara. Go crazy! Mostly, enjoy yourself. Cheers to dressing up and finally beginning to feel good again!

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