Winter/Spring Fashion Trends: Sasha Charnin Morrison's Style Guide

Photo Credit: Illustration by Hilde Plumpepper

Welcome to the Jan-Feb 2021 edition of Casa de Sasha. Our style director's guide to all things fashion.


Kaitlyn Dever, Michelle Hurd, Simone Missick, Nicole Miller

From L-R: Kaitlyn Dever in Prada; Michelle Hurd in Alexis; Simone Missick in Nicole Miller; Isa Briones in Lela Rose.

Photo Credit: Raymond Hall/Getty Images; Cara Robbins/Contour by Getty Images; J.Countess/Getty Images; Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Usually resort trends are for destinations and exotic tropical ports of call. Now we're going nowhere. So how do we capture our friends' attention? Dizzying floral prints … house dress edition. Enough with the rules! Florals can brighten up a dreary day in the cold winter months. Wrist-to-ankle prints, neons, complete color domination. Mix them with cardigans and shawls ... and chunky black combat boots or faux-fur slippers.

Hack: Get ahead of the curve and stun in a dressy, frilly jumpsuit like Michelle Hurd did. They're comfy and completely modern.


Medusan patterned skateboard

Photo Credit: SSENSE; Apple

Here's a great way to elevate your ride. This Versace multi-plywood skateboard features the signature Medusa and graphic pattern in white and gold. Made in Italy and already on re-order, this soon-to-be-classic can double as a decorative wall hanging if you want to maintain its pristine-ness. It's the perfect platform for self expression. $795,

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Minnie and Mickey Mouse clutch purses

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rita Lane Vintage

If you loathe minimalism, Rita Lane repurposed Disney vintage is for you! I am as mad as a hatter for their 1980s Aladdin top-handle lunchbox bags in the shape of Mickey and Minnie Mouse's heads. They're painted over in a matte finish. They're almost exact to the Gucci/Disney collaboration bags, which sold out at $4,500 a piece! These? $178 and one-of-a-kind.


Model holding a large white leather Prada handbag

Photo Credit: Prada

Prada Spring 2021 revived a cult classic: the clutch coat. No zips, no buttons, no hook and eyes ... you clutch yourself. Prada introduced this back in 1987 as a thing. I like it. "It is an innately human gesture that can be transformative, translated into the architecture of pieces, to cut and form language," said the brand in a press statement. HEH? This sounds like dolphins talking. Just charge it, honey. I'll settle for keeping my belongings close to my heart.


Valentino gladiator sandals

Photo Credit: Armando Grillo/IMAXTREE.COM

Have you ever faux lost your lunch as a dramatic gesture? I recently did. I was ogling the Spring 2021 Valentino show, online. Look #1 featured a model in a unitard with the designer's iconic gladiator gold rock-stud ballerina flats and the gold dome studs appeared to be injected with Botox or steroids. They were huge! Shoe-lery! Large enough to support my very own style ecosystem! I see myself pairing them with black tights in the winter and bare legs in the spring. This is the type of juicing I'm ready for. What do I love? That the bigger the item, the smaller I get.

Originally published in Watch Magazine, January-February 2021.

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