Zeeko Zaki in a cashmere coat in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Bespoke cashmere coat by Devon Scott New York. Blazer by Saint Laurent. Sweater by Zara.

Photography by Dario Calmese. Styled by Michael Nash.

Stop what you're doing and check out this stylish Zeeko Zaki photo shoot!

Zeeko Zaki is handsome, humble, and the modern definition of a true TV hero.

Doing a designer winter fashion shoot for the January-February 2019 issue of Watch at the Brooklyn Navy Yard was not something his younger self would have believed, but the star of the hit CBS show FBI is more than game to play model for the day.

See Zeeko step out of bulletproof vests and into designer threads that fit like a dream. Here, he's looking sharp in a bespoke cashmere coat, but for more suave looks, keep scrolling.

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