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By Oliver Jones

You're a new dad taking your baby girl out for your first daddy-baby outing to watch football with the guys at a Mexican restaurant. Suddenly, she does what fussy babies do—both in her diaper and, more pressingly, up her back. The men's room has no changing table. You forgot to pack the changing pad into your frilly diaper bag. What do you do?

For AJ Buckley—who as Special Warfare Operator First Class Sonny Quinn on CBS's SEAL Team is accustomed to sticky situations of a different sort—the answer was simple. He used his shirt as a changing pad, accepted odd looks from his buddies when he returned smelling a bit fragrant, and embarked on a second career.

Since 2017 Buckley has been the co-founder and designer of Paperclip, a 100 percent sustainable line of diaper bags that has the changing station built into the bag. This simple yet trailblazing innovation made Buckley's bag an award winner among mommy bloggers and earned the 43-year-old actor a patent earlier this year.

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Photo Credit: Michael Kovac/Getty Images (Buckley), Rita Maas/Getty Images (Mac 'n' cheese).

When he's home for the holidays and on hiatus from playing soldier Sonny Quinn on CBS' military drama SEAL Team, actor AJ Buckley puts his healthy diet habits on hold and delights in his favorite Thanksgiving dish.

"My brother-in-law Lee Knaz is a professional chef [Mission Olive] and he makes a crazy mac 'n' cheese. I'm on a strict diet so I can't eat it all the time, but I wait until Thanksgiving. If no one wants the leftovers, I'll take it home and eat it for, like, two days."

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