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Meet some of the faces of Paramount+: Patrick Stewart, SpongeBob SquarePants, RuPaul, Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place Part II, and Stephen Colbert.

Photo Credit: James Dimmock/CBS (Star Trek: Picard); Paramount (SpongeBob SquarePants); VH1 (RuPaul's Drag Race); Paramount Pictures (A Quiet Place II); CBS Broadcasting (Stephen Colbert)

By Nate Millado

In the age of Peak Television, one streaming service towers over 'em all. On March 4, CBS All Access officially becomes Paramount+. With live sports, breaking news, and a mountain of entertainment, there's gonna be something for everybody, whether you're a fan of RuPaul's Drag Race or The Amazing Race, SpongeBob or Snooki.

Paramount+ launches with a library of 30,000-plus TV episodes, 1,000-plus live sporting events annually, and countless films (yes, that's a lot of pluses!). The content comes from CBS, CBS News, and CBS Sports, Paramount Pictures, as well as best-in-class networks Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, Comedy Central, and the Smithsonian Channel. "This is not your father's Viacom," says ViacomCBS chairwoman Shari Redstone. "And it's not my father's either. This is a ViacomCBS that's been reimagined for a new kind of marketplace and a new kind of consumer."

Here are the 20+ recently anounced series and events that will be coming to the all-new Paramount+ streaming service!

Sign up for Paramount+ to get live sports, breaking news, and a mountain of entertainment.

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Photography by David Needleman. Styled by Toye Adedipe.

By Lisa Kennedy

During a video call with Folake Olowofoyeku —the Nigerian American star of the hit comedy Bob ❤️ Abishola—something subtle but unmistakable occurs. Although it's two days before her birthday, a cloud drifts over her face, blocking her smile—a gap-toothed wonder of an event that can take her from serious to incandescent in a heartbeat.

Four days earlier, protests against police brutality in Nigeria (hashtagged #EndSARS for the police force's rogue Special Anti-Robbery Squad) turned deadly, with soldiers firing on peaceful protesters at a well-known toll gate in Lagos. Although Olowofoyeku just marked her 17th year in the U.S., the news of the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre was more than distressing. And a flat-footed question about her childhood led to an impassioned tutorial in contemporary Nigerian politics. Her parents would be proud.

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Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images.

By Nate Millado

Super Bowl LV is finally here, and we're so excited, we can't feel our face! The Weeknd headlines the Halftime Show and joins a pantheon of performers who've absolutely owned the world's biggest stage. What does the Canadian crooner have up his sleeve? The Weeknd threw in $7 million of his own money to "make this halftime show be what he envisioned," so prepare to be entertained! Get hyped for halftime with these 10 iconic performances from Super Bowls past.

Don't miss Super Bowl LV on Feb. 7th at 6pm ET/3pm PT on CBS and Paramount+! Also stream free on and the CBS Sports App—and check out pre-game coverage on CBS Sports HQ!

Watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs square off—along with The Weeknd's Halftime Show—live this Sunday!

Updated with The Weeknd's Super Bowl Halftime Show!

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A shirtless Jay Hernandez slicks back his hair.

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks for Watch.

By Nate Millado

Our Man Crush Monday—everyday, TBH—is Magnum P.I. star, Jay Hernandez. With all due respect to the O.G. Magnum, Blue Bloods' Tom Selleck, we're not missing Thomas Magnum's mustache much. Instead, Hernandez' rebooted military maverick-turned-private eye sports some sexy stubble.

Hawaii's charming bachelor wrecks as many hearts as he does Ferraris, and these sizzling photos of Magnum—and his handsome portrayer, Hernandez—are 22 reasons why!

Magnum, P.I. airs Friday nights at 9/8c on CBS and streams on Paramount+.

The Many Faces of Jay Hernandez

A triptych of Jay Hernandez in a blue print collared shirt

A triptych of Jay Hernandez in a blue print button-down shirt.

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks for Watch.

What's better than one Jay Hernandez? Three Jays! Whether he's wearing a grin, a smize, or a full-blown flash of his pearly whites, the camera obviously loves the photogenic CBS star!

Cool in Cancún

Jay Hernandez reclining in an orange chair against a bright orange wall on a street in Cancun

Jay Hernandez reclining in a chair on the streets of Cancún.

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks for Watch.

Hernandez plays it cool in caliente Cancún for a 2018 Watch photo shoot.

Day-to-Night Look

Thomas Magnum in a tuxedo

Thomas Magnum looking dapper in a tuxedo.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

Magnum cleans up quite nicely for a formal affair in a penguin suit.

Grin and Bare It

Shirtless Thomas Magnum leans over his red Ferrari

Shirtless Thomas Magnum leans over his Ferrari.

Photo: CBS Broadcasting, Inc

Although he's known for his aloha shirts, Magnum looks hot without one, too.

In the Zone

Magnum with a golf club and glove in a Detroit Tigers baseball cap

Magnum on the course — and on the case — in a Tigers cap.

Photo Credt: Karen Neal/CBS.

Detroit Tigers ball caps are par for the course for Magnum's more casual looks. (Fun fact: original Magnum Tom Selleck is a Detroit native and incorporated his Tigers fandom into the series.)

Cat's Meow

Thomas Magnum holding an orange tabby cat

Thomas Magnum holding an orange tabby.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

Is there anything cuter than a cool cat cradling a kitty?

Golden Hour

Shirtless Magnum sits on the edge of the bed next to his former girlfriend

Magnum shares a laugh with his former girlfriend.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

Magnum looking picture perfect with his ex, played by guest star Jordana Brewster.

Lazy Sunday Vibes

Shirtless Thomas Magnum lying in bed

Magnum strikes a pensive pose.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

Thomas Magnum redefines "bed head." Seriously, who looks this good first thing in the morning?

Military Maverick

Magnum in a military combat shirt with camouflage sleeves

Magnum gives a nod to his military past in a combat shirt.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

We love a man in uniform! Before becoming a private eye, Thomas Magnum was a decorated Navy SEAL and former POW.

Business Casual

Magnum looks business casual in a shirt and tie

Sporting a corporate look in a shirt and tie.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

When a corporate manager ends up dead, Magnum rolls up his sleeves to go undercover as an efficiency expert.

What's Up, Doc?

Magnum in medical scrubs with a stethoscope around his neck

Magnum in medical scrubs.

Photo Credit: CBS Broadcasting, Inc

Forget McDreamy and McSteamy, Magnum in scrubs sets pulses racing.

Suited Up

Magnum in a suit with an open collared white shirt

Magnum keeps it casual in a suit but no tie.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

Tie optional! Magnum looks dapper in a fitted suit.


Magnum wearing one of his trademark Aloha shirts

Magnum wearing one of his signature looks — an Aloha shirt.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

Magnum's closet houses Hawaiian shirts galore — and he rocks every single one of 'em!

Pensive P.I.

Thomas Magnum deep in thought

Magnum seems to be contemplating suspicious activity across the room.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

A penny for your thoughts?

Right to Bare Arms

Thomas Magnum kayaking

Magnum puts some muscle into a kayak ride.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

We would like to take this moment to thank the inventor of the sleeveless tank, which Magnum sports here — along with his trademark Tigers cap — while kayaking.

Red-Carpet Ready

Jay Hernandez on the red carpet in sunglasses and a flower lei

Jay Hernandez on the red carpet in sunglasses and a flower lei.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

A lei'd Jay Hernandez was beaming at the ninth annual Sunset on the Beach event in 2018, where thousands of fans gathered in Waikiki to watch the special premiere episode of Magnum P.I.

The Wheel Deal

Magnum getting out of his red Ferrari wearing a red Hawaiian shirt

Seeing red? The Ferrari and the matching Hawaiian shirt make Magnum hard to miss.

Photo Credit: Karen Neal/CBS.

Classic car aficionados and Magnum-philes debate over which is more timeless — the Ferrari or its driver!

'Staching with Stephen

Jay Hernandez and Stephen Colbert sport matching Tom Selleck mustaches on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Jay Hernandez and Stephen Colbert, sporting matching Tom Selleck mustaches.

Photo Credit: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS.

Old-school fans got a glimpse of what modern-day Magnum would look like with Tom Selleck's iconic facial hair, when Jay Hernandez yukked it up with The Late Show host Stephen Colbert!

Real Men Wear Pink

Magnum in a pink print shirt

Tough guys wear pink, as Magnum proves in this blush-colored shirt.

Photo Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc

Exhibit A: Thomas Magnum makes a strong case for wearing lighter shades.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem

Jay Hernandez poses in green swim trunks at a Cancun resort

Hernandez looks ready to hit the pool in Cancún.

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks for Watch.

Jay Hernandez lounging around the luxurious Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancún for the September-October 2018 issue of Watch.

If Looks Could Kill...

Jay Hernandez at the beach

Jay Hernandez at the beach.

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks for Watch.

Jay Hernandez slays with his piercing gaze!


Jay Hernandez splashing around on the beach

Jay Hernandez makes a splash.

Photo Credit: Derek Blanks for Watch.

Jay Hernandez got wet and wild for Watch's photo shoot on the Mexican Riviera.

SEE MORE: Magnum P.I.'s Jay Hernandez Is Hotter Than Ever In This Mexican Riviera Photo Shoot

Magnum, P.I. airs Friday nights at 9/8c on CBS and streams on Paramount+!


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