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Mädchen Amick knows a thing or two about being a mom. The Riverdale actress—who made her directorial debut in the Season 4 finale—stars as Betty Cooper's mom in the teen drama. She takes another star turn as a mother in real life. Amick's real mom skills come from off-screen, where her life's passion is being a mother of two (Mina and Sylvester).

In honor of Mother's Day, we've put together a list of the top eight social posts that show what makes this real-life mom a hit, on-screen and off!

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8.She Knows Her Children Are the Future

Of all the worthy tributes she might have posted on International Women's Day, Amick chose to shine the light on her own daughter. With that kind of mom-support, what can't you accomplish in life?

7.She Dedicates Mother's Day to Her Joy in Motherhood

"I love being your mother more than anything else. I'm the luckiest person because I've been chosen to help guide you through this life."

If that doesn't bring a few tears to your eyes, you'd better be off to see a wizard about getting a new heart.

6.Even Her TV Kids Feel the Love

Although they aren't really related, Amick brings the same maternal instincts that drive her at home to her on-screen family. She looks out for the Cooper family on set and beyond.

5.There Will Always Be Baby Pics

Her kids may be (mostly) grown now, but can you blame Amick for breaking out the adorable baby pics? Just imagine if your own mom had almost four million social followers.

4.But She Lets Her Kids Grow Up

Yes, Amick will share the pic of those tiny pajamas with feet, but she also celebrates her kids in full, grown-up, selfie splendor.

3.She Never Takes a Holiday from Family

Amick is an independent woman with a flourishing career, but she makes time for family when it counts.

2.When Social Has to Bridge the Miles, Her Game Is Extra Strong

If you can't have cake and candles (or ice cream) together, then you'd better turn the social dial up to 11. Amick brings the photo fire in this virtual birthday post to Mina.

1.She's Got the Giggles

Amick has no problem putting the glamour on pause for a good filter-fueled laugh with Mina.

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By Fred Schruers

On an overcast Los Angeles afternoon, Mädchen Amick makes her way down a stone pathway leading to the garden patio of Chateau Marmont's restaurant and arrives at our table with a slight smile, perhaps acknowledging that heads all around have subtly turned.

The bone structure that first caught Hollywood's eye in April 1990, when she was just 19 and a sudden star in David Lynch's Twin Peaks, still commands attention. The ever-striking Amick has brought along a jacket but settles in with only a sheer white blouse keeping off the slight chill in the air. From the first moment, she's the ideal interviewee—open and accessible in the way secure people are, disarmingly candid, ready to laugh, and free of the nerves that sometimes accompany this part of the job.

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