michelle hurd

Jasmin blazer and Daytona trousers by Manuri Clothing. Dress shirt, corset, and belt by Uncuffed Leather. Earrings by M.M.LaFleur. Rings by Natalie Mills Jewelry. Shoes by Stuart Weitzman

Photography by Max Hemphill and Styled by Toye Adepipe

By Mara Reinstein

Photography by Max Hemphill and Styled by Toye Adepipe

Yup, Michelle Hurd watched Star Trek as a kid. A lot of Star Trek. But her fandom took on special meaning as she caught a classic episode in 2019—just a few months after landing the role of Starfleet Lieutenant Commander Raffaela “Raffi” Musiker on the new spinoff series Picard.

“It actually brought me to tears,” she says. “I couldn’t believe that I was on this show with this family and this legacy. It made me want to live up to the responsibility and do it justice.”

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