Archival photo of the original Real World cast—Becky Blasband, Andre Comeau, Heather B. Gardner, Julie Gentry, Norman Korpi, Eric Nies, and Kevin Powell of the Paramount+ series The Real World Homecoming: New York.

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By Nate Millado

This is the true story of 10 reality series picked to live on a streaming service ...

The recently relaunched Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) is home to more than 5,000 episodes of the biggest reality hits, including The Real World. ViacomCBS invented the genre when the the iconic social experiment premiered on MTV in 1992, and has continued to reinvent the "real" with game-changers like Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Challenge, and RuPaul's Drag Race.

Ready to dive into a reality rabbit hole? Start with these classic episodes on Paramount+!

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By Nate Millado

Just how amazing is The Amazing Race logging a million miles in its 32nd season, which premiered Wednesday, Oct. 14? "It's like going to the moon and back twice," host Phil Keoghan told TV Line in a recent interview. (That's quite a lot of frequent flier miles, Phil!)

And while we won't be getting our passports stamped anytime soon, it's thrilling to travel the world again—albeit vicariously. TAR 32 is essentially a back-to-basics season; there are no returning teams and no built-in gimmicks from the get-go. Just the good old-fashioned globe-trotting we've come to know and love for 32 seasons. Here's what you may have missed—and a look at the remaining 10 duos still in the running for the million-dollar prize.

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Season 32 Premiere Recap: Ready, Set...Race!

Married couple Hung and Chee on The Amazing Race

Hung Nguyen and Chee Lee won the first leg of the Race.

Photo Credit: Timothy Kuratek/CBS.

Season 32 started off with a bang…of a steel drum. But first, we head to the Hollywood Bowl to meet the 11 duos racing 33,000 miles around the world for a shot at $1 million. More on these teams in a bit.

The first clue ships them off to the island of Trinidad, where they must roll oil drums a quarter mile across uneven streets to a Saturday night dance party. Next, they must fly to Tobago and travel, by boat, to the Nylon Pool in search of a painted fish that matches the one in their boat. After unlocking their unique fish using a four-digit combination, the duos decide who tackles the first Road Block.

"Who thinks they can steel a show?" Racers must play a portion of "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)" on a steel pan, and the rhythmically challenged teams include four pro athletes. To reach the Pit Stop, you had to hold on for dear life to your racing goat across the finish line. In the end, married parents Chee and Hung meet up with Phil first. No rest for the weary, as the race continues past this leg…except for Tennessee besties Nathan and Cody, who finish last and are eliminated from the race. Now that you're up to speed, get to know the remaining 10 teams!

Brothers Riley And Maddison

Riley McKibbin and Maddison McKibbin

Riley and Maddison McKibbin, brothers and professional volleyball players from Honolulu.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Brothers Riley and Maddison are pro volleyball players from Hawaii. For Maddison, the final descent to a country he's never visited is what excites him the most about traveling: "That specific moment brings back this anticipatory excitement of getting to see things I've never seen before, meet new people, and not knowing what this next adventure has in store." Riley grew up watching The Amazing Race and often caught himself thinking, "If that were me, what would I do, or I could definitely win this roadblock or that detour, or welp, it'd be over for me if I had to do that!" Well, here's your shot, Riley!

Couple Will And James

Will Jardell and James Wallington

Will Jardell and James Wallington, a couple from Nederland, Texas and Grand Rapids, Mich.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

When James was 12, he remembers watching The Amazing Race pilot and telling himself, "'I'm going to race one day.' Fast-forward 19 years and nine casting applications later, I'm gearing up for Season 32 with the love of my life." James' soul mate is Will, who describes himself as, a "go-getter, realistic, and fierce."

Former NFL Stars DeAngelo And Gary

DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge

DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge, former NFL stars from Charlotte, N.C., and Middleburg, Fla.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

During the season premiere, DeAngelo called his former Carolina Panthers teammate, Gary, his brother from another mother—they're essentially the same, aside from the obvious. Retired from the NFL, DeAngelo now plays the "badass car rider line parent" to four kids. Also retired, competitive Gary relishes in getting "that adrenaline going again." Although they just made the cut—they finished 10th in the premiere—these pro athletes are ones to watch.

Married Parents Hung And Chee

Hung Nguyen and Chee Lee

Hung Nguyen and Chee Lee, married parents from Houston

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Hung and Chee made an early statement by finishing first in the Season 32 premiere. Prior to that, Chee's proudest accomplishment was devouring "5 pounds of pizza in 60 minutes to win a pizza-eating challenge." And because these married parents never went on a trip after their wedding, Hung calls this "the ultimate honeymoon."

Sisters Kaylynn And Haley

Kaylynn and Haley Williams

Kaylynn and Haley Williams, sisters from Bluffton, S.C.

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Self-proclaimed street-smart sisters Kaylynn and Haley have been through everything together—they're even both real estate agents!—so competing on The Amazing Race was a no-brainer. "Getting to travel the world with your best friend is something that most people can't say that they have done," Kaylynn says. "We'll be able to share these stories for a lifetime."

Father And Son Jerry And Frank

Jerry Eaves and Frank Eaves

Jerry and Frank Eaves, a father and son from Louisville, Ky.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Radio talk show host and men's basketball coach Jerry calls traveling the world with his son a "lifelong dream." Meanwhile, the younger Eaves hopes to strengthen an already tight bond with his dad, "as well as show him he has raised a great and capable young man. He is the best father I could have ever asked for," Frank says, "and I want to give back by showing him his work [didn't] happen in vain or go unnoticed." All the feels!

Brother And Sister Eswar And Aparna

Eswar Dhinakaran and Aparna Dhinakaran

Eswar and Aparna Dhinakaran, siblings from Fremont and Berkeley, Calif.

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Aparna and Eswar were two Indian-American kids who didn't often see people like them on American reality TV shows. Aparna, who's had a dream of being on this show since she was 8, says "making a childhood dream a reality is sweet, but getting to do that with your sibling is the cherry on top." Meanwhile, Eswar says he just learned how to swim a couple years ago, which will definitely come in handy on the Race. "But I was able to learn pretty quickly and am now comfortable surfing!"

Couple Leo And Alana

Leo Brown and Alana Folsom

Leo Brown and Alana Folsom, a couple from Somerville, Mass.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Alana and Leo met on Tinder just a few months before leaving on The Amazing Race, so there's nothing like a race around the world to really get to know one another. Alana says she hopes "to gain a deeper trust and better understanding of Leo, especially in high-stress situations," while her boyfriend says he wants "to convince Alana that I'm a keeper!"

Sisters Michelle And Victoria

Michelle Newland and Victoria Newland

Michelle and Victoria Newland, sisters from Lafayette, La.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

Victoria calls her bond with sister Michelle "unbreakable," which should hopefully serve them well on a 33,000-mile race. Meanwhile, Michelle calls Victoria her best friend, soulmate, and sister rolled into one: "Together, we can make epic dreams come true!"

Olympians Kellie And LaVonne

Kellie Wells Brinkley and LaVonne Idlette

Kellie Wells-Brinkley and LaVonne Idlette, Olympians from Richmond, Va., and Miami

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

As a former Olympic hurdler, Kellie says she has "a wanderlust itch that needs to be scratched and I really miss the element of competition!" In The Amazing Race, she's found "something that combines the two things that I love in a really unconventional way." As for Kellie's best friend and fellow Olympian, LaVonne—who else can say they passed the Florida bar exam and went to world championships in the same year?

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Photo Credit: Travis Pierson/CBS.

"A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons," says The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan. A look back at some of the best—and brilliantly titled—challenges that tripped up teams over 31 seasons.

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A contestant on The Amazing Race traverses a zipline high above the city of Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Christie competes in "The Zips or Chips" challenge for The Amazing Race.

Photo Credit: Tony Esparza/CBS.


From a penthouse of the Conrad Hotel, traverse a zip line hand over hand 210 feet above the ground, then take a second zip line 18 stories down to the hotel pool to receive the next clue. Or play roulette in the hotel casino with 20 chips and receive your clue if you win a game.


Ride a dog sled 11 miles or snowmobile 30 miles to your next clue.

Contestants don traditional military uniforms and learn a traditional Russian military march.

The Amazing Race contestants Ken and Tina don traditional military uniforms and learn a traditional Russian military march.

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS.


Dress in a Russian military uniform and learn a Russian parade march, then fall in line and perform a full lap with a drill team. Or put on a chef's hat and apron before serving each of the 75 soldiers a bowl of borscht.


Count an insane amount of Swiss currency inside of a jar right next to the safe. Or search the streets of Zürich to find the combination to the safe that contained the next clue.

The Amazing Race teams drinking a shot of vodka from a glass balanced on a ceremonial sabre

The Amazing Race teams participate in a traditional Cossack ritual, drinking a shot of vodka from a glass balanced on a ceremonial sabre at the Anichkov Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Photo Credit: Tony Esparza/CBS.


Dress up in goalie gear and block five slap shots by pro hockey players. Or balance a shot glass of vodka on the blade of a saber and tilt the sword to your mouth to drink the vodka without dropping the glass.


Hand-wash a bunch of laundry to reveal the next clue printed on a piece of clothing, or search through hundreds of saris to find one with the clue printed on it.

Contestants struggle with a plow and Carabao in a deeply muddy field while farmers look on in the Philippines.

Teams must lead the Carabao through a muddy field in Victoria, Philippines, to find their next clue in The Amazing Race.

Photo Credit: Travis Pierson/CBS.


Use an ox-drawn plow to till the soil until your plow gets caught on a buried rope attached to a hidden clue. Or herd 1,000 ducks from one pen to another 50 yards away.


Search the tables at the crowded bar for five coasters bearing your team's name and picture, then exchange two full steins of beer to the patron in exchange for each coaster. Or use a hand-operated sausage-maker to create one rope of five 7-inch bratwursts.

Contestants on The Amazing Race attempt to perform a native dance on stilts.

Nate and Jen must impress the local judges in Burkina Faso with their dance moves.

Photo Credit: Chris Castallo/CBS.


Use traditional methods to pan for one ounce of gold. Or learn a traditional local dance, and perform it with Winiama masked dancers for a crowd. If three local celebrity judges deem your dance to lack creativity—or just plain suck—you would incur a 10-minute penalty.


Teach schoolchildren who did not speak English to memorize 10 words of English. Or learn from locals 10 words in the Mossi language.

A contestant on The Amazing race pours 7 cocktails of different colors into 7 different cocktail glasses stacked into a pyramid.

In the "Smarter, Not Harder" challenge, father/son team Connor (left) and David (right) must mix seven cocktails and pour them simultaneously into a pyramid of glasses.

Photo Credit: © 2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.


Learn to scratch on a DJ table and then perform in front of a DJ and crowd. Or stack seven cocktail glasses into a two-tier pyramid and pour different colored cocktails into each glass simultaneously so none of them mixed.


Use a catapult to hurl a watermelon 150 feet onto a wooden target to retrieve the clue hidden within. Or push a cannon uphill to the castle courtyard, then carry 55 4-pound cannonballs and stack them into a pyramid next to the cannon.

\u200bThe Amazing Race contestants must decorate an elephant for a local festival

The Amazing Race contestants Rachel and Brendon must decorate an elephant for a local festival then clean up after her in order to receive the next clue.

Photo Credit: CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.


Decorate an Asian elephant with ornate accoutrements, then transport 15 wheelbarrow loads of elephant manure to a nearby truck. Or collect 10 empty boxes, fill them with sifted ginger, stencil a label on each box, and deliver the boxes to a shipping depot to receive your next clue from the manager.


Transport a young Japanese woman, via traditional Japanese palanquin, to a tea ceremony pavilion. Or assemble bikes and ride them through the streets of Tokyo to deliver packages.

Originally published in Watch Magazine, July-August 2020.

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Photo Credit: James Dimmock/CBS.

By Nate Millado

You've likely been watching a ton of television under quarantine. But if you've just finished binging your favorite shows, we've got some related recommendations (thanks, CBS All Access!). So whether you're into action, romance, reality, or adventure, the streaming service is sure to have your next great obsession.

If You Liked Beauty And The Beast…

Eka Darville as Beau Natalie Alyn Lind as Ashley

Eka Darville and Natalie Alyn Lind in Tell Me A Story.

Photo Credit: Connie Chornuk/CBS.

You'll love Tell Me A Story.

Once upon a time, there lived a beauty and a beast in an enchanted land. Only in CBS' 1987 fantasy-romance, the "beauty" was assistant district attorney Catherine (Linda Hamilton), the noble "man-beast" was feline-faced Vincent (Ron Perlman, rocking an '80s hair-metal mane), and the "enchanted land" was Manhattan.

Just like Beauty and the Beast, Tell Me A Story reimagines beloved fairy tales as dark and twisted psychological thrillers. The 10-episode second season of this serialized drama spins the stories of Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella into a tale like no other. Set in modern-day New York City, the first season reimagines The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel.

So if you've blown through all three seasons of Beauty and the Beast, check out this modern-day retelling.

Stream all episodes of Tell Me A Story on CBS All Access. Season 1 also airs now on The CW.

If You Liked The Amazing Race…

\u200bMichael James Shaw Sofia Pernas and Matt Barr as Danny McNamara explore Egyptian ruins

Michael James Shaw, Sofia Pernas, and Matt Barr in Blood & Treasure.

Photo Credit: Mohammed Kamal/CBS.

You'll love Blood & Treasure.

If you're a fan of the Phil Keoghan–hosted reality competition, then you know the gist: Teams of two race around the world for a shot at a million dollars.

While you wait for Season 32 of The Amazing Race to kick off this fall, why not give another globe-trotting adventure a gander? Like TAR, Blood & Treasure boasts exotic locales and nail-biting suspense, centered on the dynamic duo of a brilliant antiquities expert (Matt Barr) and a cunning art thief (Sofia Pernas).

Blood & Treasure streams on CBS All Access.

If You Liked The Good Wife…

Audra McDonald as Liz Reddick and Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart in The Good Fight

Audra McDonald and Christine Baranski in The Good Fight.

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/CBS.

You'll love The Good Fight.

In a way, The Good Wife was about starting over: Alicia Florrick (Emmy winner Julianna Marguiles) returned to law after a very public sex-and-corruption scandal involving her politician husband.

And so is its spinoff, The Good Fight. After an enormous financial scam wipes out her savings, Diane Lockhart (the inimitable Christine Baranski) is forced to move to a new firm, where she joins forces with former employee Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo). The two legal dramas share the same DNA: Both were created by husband-and-wife team Robert and Michelle King, and feature pitch-perfect writing, directing, acting—and fashion!

The Good Fight streams exclusively on CBS All Access.

If You Liked Elementary…

Lucy Liu as Simone

Lucy Liu as Simone in Why Women Kill.

Photo Credit: Jessica Brooks/CBS.

You'll love Why Women Kill.

Technically, these two shows couldn't be any more different: Elementary reinvented the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle detective stories as a New York City–set procedural drama, while Why Women Kill is a time-hopping (and bed-hopping) soap. But both tap into the wide-ranging talent of Lucy Liu—as the gender-swapped no-nonsense Watson in the former, and as '80s socialite Simone in the latter.

Why Women Kill streams exclusively on CBS All Access.

If You Liked Survivor: Winners At War…

The 16 returning houseguests of Big Brother All Stars

The 16 returning houseguests of Big Brother: All-Stars.

Photo Credit: CBS Broadcasting Inc.

You'll love Big Brother: All-Stars.

Like Survivor, Big Brother is also celebrating its 20th anniversary—and what better way to mark the milestone than with another all-stars edition!

Survivor: Winners At War united the most memorable, heroic, and celebrated champs from the past two decades. The gameplay on an all-star season is just next-level. So if you're into epic comps, shocking blindsides, and a masterclass in strategy, you won't want to miss the champs, the runners-up, and the best to never win the game battling for glory in the BB house.

This week, watch all-new episodes of Big Brother: All-Stars on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access. Plus, drop in on the Houseguests 24/7 with the BB Live Feeds—exclusively available on CBS All Access.


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