Pretzel (a.k.a. Levi) takes a break while filming the episode "Cross My Heart and Hope to Lie"

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By Oliver Jones

To pull off her performance as Pretzel—a guide dog devoted to the hard-living, blind 20-something Murphy (Perry Mattfeld) on The CW's drama series In the Dark—8-year-old Canadian-born golden retriever Levi does perhaps the most bravura acting on TV.

Where Pretzel is the epitome of serenity and caution, Levi wags her tail with such joyful abandon that it's been known to clear a coffee table. Then there's the way she says hello, greeting Mattfeld with a sound that crew members call "the screaming dolphin."

"I wouldn't say it was hard for her to take on this persona of a calm, nonreactive guide dog," says her trainer, show animal veteran Violetta Hessing, who has worked with Levi since the pup was just 7 weeks old. "But it took a lot of effort. Everyone on set knows that all you have to do is snap your fingers and Levi takes to the air, jumping for joy."

Not only is Levi a four-legged star (Hessing attributes it to her expressive, wrinkly face that's "straight out of a cartoon"), but she and Mattfeld's character also share a relationship fraught and complicated enough to make them one of TV's most talked-about couples. For that, Hessing credits Mattfeld for the time she has put in building trust with Levi during three seasons together on In the Dark.

"In terms of crafting a bond with a dog, Perry is the most incredible actor I've worked with," says Hessing, who has been a trainer for nearly three decades. "I've never seen a performer give so much to an animal. And Levi is so happy working alongside her. This is a case where you can truly say that the dog is at one with the actor."

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The stars of Riverdale in front of the iconic Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where much of the show's irresistible "tea" is spilled

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Owned (sometimes) and operated by the beloved Pop Tate (played by Alvin Sanders), Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe is a staple in The CW teen drama Riverdale. The diner sets the stage for almost all of the show's juicy intertwining storylines (past and present). Below, we dish on the most memorable moments and confidential conversations held in the retro booths at this iconic soda shop.

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Get ready for a new Gossip Girl.

Photo credit: HBO Max

By Nate Millado

Spotted: A newcomer arrives at Constance Billard and stirs up the status quo of Manhattan's elite—and Gossip Girl returns just in time to spill all the tea on the next generation of schemers and socialites. That's right, the iconic teen soap that arguably put The CW on the map is back for a one-night stand.

A continuation of the Gossip Girl saga premieres on HBO Max—with a special one-night-only rebroadcast where it all began. Nine years after Gossip Girl signed off (spoiler alert: It was Dan!), a new clique of upper-crust Upper East Siders promises to be our next summer obsession. Here's everything you need to know about the highly anticipated reboot.

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United of States of Al buds Riley and Al, NCIS: Los Angeles partners G and Hanna, The Neighborhood's Dave wears his friendship on his chest.

Photo credit: (from left) Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment, Joseph Cultice/CBS, Monty Brinton/CBS

By Nate Millado

TV bromances—we love to see it! There are guy pals you can watch the game with while knocking back a few. And there are friendships you forge with dudes that are so great, you can tease them, joke with them, wear your heart on your sleeve, and (literally) save each other's lives! Watch rounds up some of our favorite BBFs (Best Bros Forever).

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