Actor David Lim and wife Marketa Kazdova getting married at Villa Richter in Prague in the Czech Republic

Villa Richter, Prague, Czech Republic

This wedding and honeymoon took the beautiful couple to multiple breathtaking destinations around the world.

By Yolanda Crous

For their nuptials and honeymoon, S.W.A.T. star David Lim and his wife, Marketa Kazdova, traveled to four countries, three cities, and an array of spectacular beaches. Here, they share their wild ride with Watch!.

To say the wedding celebration of S.W.A.T.'s David Lim and model Marketa Kazdova was epic is an understatement.

Their first stop? The Czech Republic, Kazdova's home country, where they wed in a hilltop vineyard overlooking Prague. "The vineyard is right next to Prague Castle. It was a bit of a fairy tale," says Lim, 36, who proposed to longtime girlfriend Kazdova, 28, last summer.

Next up, a "pre-honeymoon" in Dubrovnik, Croatia, with a few pals before striking off on their own to the Italian isle of Sardinia. "We spent four nights in Sardinia just hanging out, doing the beach thing, eating good food," he says.

Originally published in Watch! Magazine, November-December 2019.

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