Actor J. Alex Brinson of All Rise poses over a map of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Photo Credit: JSquared Photography/Contour by Getty Images (Portrait); Sara Mulvanny (Illustration).

The actor takes a break from the All Rise courtroom to relax in his Canadian oasis. Here's a peek inside his world.

By Maria Neuman

If a happy life means living in balance, then actor J. Alex Brinson seems to be in joyous equilibrium. As the hard-working bailiff on the courtroom drama All Rise, he gets to come to Los Angeles for filming and a Southern California sunshine fix, then go home to Vancouver, where he lives with wife Sarah Brinson. "This city is so beautiful, clean, and feels very open because it's on the water," says the Philadelphia native, who has been based in Canada for the past 10 years. "I enjoy the energy of coming to L.A. and working and then being able to go back to nature in Vancouver."

But it's not all about the great outdoors. Here are some of Brinson's favorite mini-escapes. (Beware: Calories and caffeine ahead!)

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