Jay Hernandez wears sunglasses and orange silk jacket as he leans against a chipped painted doorway.

Jay Hernandez plays it cool in caliente Cancún

Photography by Derek Blanks. Exclusive to CBS.com

Jay Hernandez fits the bill perfectly as the charmingly rogue American hero Thomas Magnum.

Jay Hernandez plays it cool in caliente Cancún

Jay Hernandez has racked up numerous awards and nominations for his varying roles over the years. Now, as the star of the CBS reboot of 1980s Emmy-winning series Magnum, P.I., Jay fits the bill perfectly as the charmingly rogue American hero, Thomas Magnum.

Photographer Derek Blanks snapped the star heating up the streets, beaches, and luxurious Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancún for the September-October 2018 issue of Watch.

Check out these sizzling photos—including web-exclusive bonus images—plus interview tidbits with Jay Hernandez.

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Jay Hernandez has star quality

Jay Hernandez show s the embroidered back of his orange silk jacket as he strolls down a street.

Photography by Derek Blanks. Exclusive to CBS.com

Jay Hernandez was discovered in true cinematic fashion. While riding an elevator with his parents at the age of 17, a man stuck his hand between the closing doors and said, "Hey, you've got a great look. Have you ever thought about being in the movie business?"

Jay Hernandez won't stop believing

Jay Hernandez leans against a tropical beachside bar while wearing an intensely tiled patterned shirt.

Photography by Derek Blanks.

While he entered the business early, the actor's career success didn't happen overnight. "I didn't work for years. I was going on auditions and not getting anywhere. I was ready to give up," he shares. Thankfully his manager and mentor convinced him to give it six more months. Three months later, Jay booked Crazy/Beautiful, a huge breakthrough for him.

Jay Hernandez struts his stuff

Jay Hernandez  wears sunglasses and a floral print shirt on the streets.

Photography by Derek Blanks. Exclusive to CBS.com.

With the news of the Magnum P.I. reboot, even Hernandez's mom couldn't quite believe it. When Jay told her that he'd have the starring role, "she almost fell out of her chair with excitement."

Jay Hernandez lends new perspective

Jay Hernandez wears a floral print shirt as he stands in an old boat on a beach with a lighthouse right behind him.

Photography by Derek Blanks.

At 40, Hernandez is gearing up for the most high-profile role of his career by sharpening his diving and Ferrari-driving skills as well as fielding urgent questions from Magnum loyalists about the Detroit Tigers, aloha shirts, and of course—the 'stache.

Jay Hernandez slows down when out of the driver's seat

Jay Hernandez reclines against an flaking painted orange wall while wearing a blue palm frond printed shirt.

Photography by Derek Blanks.

Jay loves fast cars and his 10-year-old Aston Martin. He first drove famous Ferrari 308 GTS when he got on set. He told Watch!: "It's tricky because the steering can be kinda clunky. It has the turning radius of an 18-wheeler."

Jay Hernandez makes a splash without the 'stache

Jay Hernandez in beige swim trunks splashing water at the camera while grinning.

Photography by Derek Blanks. Exclusive to CBS.com.

Magnum's famous 'stashe gets a reboot too. Jay Hernandez smolders in stubble, but he's also "done the mustache thing before, so you never know. I can almost picture the mustache being its own character at some point. Set it up with an Instagram account, put it in a director's chair."

Jay Hernandez has big sandals to fill

Jay Hernandez leans against an old battered boat on a white sand beach.

Photography by Derek Blanks. Exclusive to CBS.com.

Initially, he was a little worried about taking on the iconic role. He loved watching Tom Selleck's charisma and "sly wink quality."

Jay tells us he was excited to see the show would be doing something "fresh and fun that builds off the original but really works for where we are right now."

Jay Hernandez takes it easy now

Jay Hernandez relaxes poolside in a patterned yellow shirt highlighted with leopard print.

Photography by Derek Blanks.

Growing up, Hernandez's family was working class and struggled at times, "but we had each other and a roof over our heads, and somehow I got from Point A to Point B. But when Point B is Hollywood, it can take time to get comfortable with it. I'm still figuring this world out."

Jay Hernandez contemplates the past

Jay Hernandez wears dark green swim trunks as he leans against a marble wall inside a darkened atrium.

Photography by Derek Blanks.

He had to get used to his fame after Crazy/Beautiful, initially retreating from it. "The movie had a lot of teenage fans, mostly girls, and it was so strange having girls freak out and literally start shaking when they saw me."

Jay Hernandez is far from El Diablo

A shirtless Jay Hernandez stares intensely into the camera.

Photography by Derek Blanks.

We're fans of Jay Hernandez's everyday look, which is a far cry from that of his Suicide Squad character when he sported a shaved head, no eyebrows, and a skeleton face tattoo.

Jay Hernandez hangs out

Two images of Jay Hernandez  sitting and fanning himself in the summer heat.

Photography by Derek Blanks. Exclusive to CBS.com

Fun fact: Hernandez is married to his former Hang Time co-star Daniella Deutscher—they met on the set.

Jay Hernandez has big plans

Jay Hernandez wears a white polo shirt and grins off to the side.

Photography by Derek Blanks. Exclusive to CBS.com

Though his primary focus is the success of Magnum P.I., he's taking time to produce a film that tells the story of immigration in America.

He wants to tell a story that considers different and divergent points. "It's super important right now to have intelligent debate and to listen to voices that don't always get heard."

Jay Hernandez has bigger plans

thre similar images of Jay Hernandez in a patterned blue and white shirt.

Photography by Derek Blanks. Exclusive to CBS.com.

Magnum P.I. will take him to new heights, but we also loved Jay Hernandez in Bad Moms, Scandal, Bright, Hostel, and Takers.

Jay Hernandez is ready for action

Jay Hernandez gives the camera a smoldering look.

Photography by Derek Blanks.

On skydiving in the opening episode: "They put me on a rig 50 feet in the air, and I had to guide it down and look like I knew what I was doing... man, they make this look so easy on TV!"

Jay Hernandez is serious about Magnum

Jay Hernandez strolls down a cluttered market street wearing sunglasses and a floral print shirt.

Photography by Derek Blanks. Exclusive to CBS.com.

Jay Hernandez's brother has served in the Navy for over 20 years and appreciates how respectful the show is about their service. "Knowing how much this show means in the military makes me work extra hard to do justice to their stories and to tell those stories with dignity."

Jay Hernandez's future is bright

Jay Hernandez reclines against a chipped orange wall wearing a blue palm print shirt and clutching a white hat.

Photography by Derek Blanks. Exclusive to CBS.com.

Even apprehensive fans of the original Magnum P.I. series will love the modern take, "things are faster, brighter, sexier, and a bit more explosive. It's almost like an action movie every week."

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Originally published in Watch! Magazine, September-October 2018.

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