Behind the scenes photos of actor Wilmer Valderrama on a Hawaiian beach photo shoot.

NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama takes us behind-the-scenes of his hot Hawaii photo shoot.

It was a picture perfect day in Hawaii, as Watch! Magazine took over the breathtaking Kahala Resort in Honolulu for a playful photo shoot with NCIS heartthrob Wilmer Valderrama. The NCIS newcomer brought amazing energy to the shoot, as did photographer Nino Muñoz. We know you're dying for a glimpse of these amazing photos (we promise they'll be worth the wait!), so we asked the NCIS star for a behind-the-scenes look of his favorite moments and he was happy to oblige. Here's what a day in paradise with Wilmer Valderrama looks like.

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Valderrama gave fans behind-the-scenes look at his Watch! photo shoot, including a special reveal that he would be on the cover for an upcoming issue.

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