The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan standing on a beach
Photo Credit: Christopher Ross.

Take a break and check out these incredible The Amazing Race Instagram snaps!

By Nate Millado

While you may not be able to travel right now, we have good news: If you scroll through these breathtaking pit stops on The Amazing Race, you can take a spin around the globe and discover the world.

And the even better news? The Phil Keoghan–hosted, globetrotting reality competition series returns for a 32nd season on CBS.

The Amazing Race returns Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access.

Santa Barbara, California

The American Riviera—nicknamed after France's coastal Cote d'Azur—is the idyllic heart of wine country and the backdrop for Season 20's starting point.


Some fun facts about the country named for the equator: Most of the world's bananas are exported from here; the Panama hat is actually from Ecuador; and Mount Chimborazo is closer to the sun than any other point on Earth.


Big Ben, the world-famous Great Bell atop Elizabeth Tower, first chimed in 1859 and has rung out hourly through the reigns of six British monarchs—although he's been silent since 2017, awaiting repairs. And the Queen's Guard has to be one of the toughest gigs around: no talking (mostly), no selfies, no smiling, no bathroom breaks, and bearskin hats that weigh up to nine pounds!


Zimbabwe is home to the world's largest waterfall—Victoria Falls. In this Season 27 roadblock, one team member had to fly over the falls in a microlight plane to spot the route marker below.

U.S. Virgin Islands

It's a slice of paradise in the Caribbean. Get lost in the cobblestone alleys and step-streets of St. Thomas as you shop for island trinkets and souvenirs. Or take an unforgettable after-dark kayak trip on St. Croix's bioluminescent bay.

The Alps

The picturesque, snow-capped Alps stretch across eight countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia, and Switzerland. They're the go-to destination for skiing, hiking, potholing (a.k.a. caving or spelunking), mountain biking, whitewater rafting—and even taking a dip in thermal baths!


Stunning scenery awaits—whether you prefer the lush forests of the Lowlands, the towering mountains and vast lochs (lakes) of the Highlands, or the far-reaching vistas of the beaches. Fun fact: Scotland's national animal is...the unicorn!


Vibrant and colorful towns, exhilirating carnivals, and coasts that face both the Pacific and the Caribbean—need we say more? Palm trees here can grow as tall as 200 feet!

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The Amazing Race returns Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access.