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By Marc Berman

For five seasons, fans of The CW's Jane the Virgin knew Jaime Camil as the exaggerated Rogelio de la Vega, a self-involved, famous telenovela star and Jane's (Gina Rodriguez) biological father. For any performer, it was the role of a lifetime and an opportunity for Camil to flex his comedy acting chops.

Gina Rodriguez, Jaime Camil, and Andrea Navarro from Jane the Virgin.

Gina Rodriguez as Jane, Jaime Camil as Rogelio, and Andrea Navedo as Xo in Jane the Virgin.

Photo Credit: Kevin Estrada/The CW.

At present, Camil is centerstage on new CBS multi-camera sitcom Broke, both as an actor and an executive producer. Broke follows the lives of Jackie (Pauley Perrette), a single and independent suburban mother, who finds her life turned upside down after her estranged sister Elizabeth (Natasha Leggero), her sister's formerly wealthy, big-hearted husband, Javier (Jaime Camil), and Javier's combination assistant/driver/friend, Luis (Izzy Diaz), land on her doorstep in need of a place to live after the couple's money dries up.

Watch spoke to Jaime Camil about his new show, his role in front of and behind the camera, his the experience of working with his new cast members, his love of music, and that one show he is currently binging.

Broke premieres on Thursday, April 2 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS and CBS All Access.

Pauley Perrette, Natasha Leggero, Antonio Raul Corbo, and Jaime Camil on the set of TV show Broke.

Pauley Perrette as Jackie, Antonio Corbo as Sammy, Natasha Leggero as Elizabeth, Jaime Camil as Javier, Izzy Diaz as Luis in CBS' new comedy Broke.

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS.

1. Who's your biggest inspiration?

I have to say I am the man that I am thanks to the upbringing and the education I have received from my parents. Now that I am a Dad, I understand that the character, the temperament, and the very well calibrated moral and ethical guidelines I received can be passed down to my kids. The foundation that I have is thanks to my Mom and my Dad. And then, along the way, my wife and some friends helped to define my life and my personality.

Actor Jaime Camil wearing a suit and sitting on a stool.

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2. Watch is all about television's hottest shows. Tell us about your new show Broke on CBS and your character Javier.

Imagine doing a show about a family that has to live and stay under the same roof together. It doesn't get more relatable than that, particularly now. Broke has a lot of heart, and what you will see is how the characters connect emotionally amongst themselves and, hopefully, within the audience. It's a family show, and a half-hour I am proud to sit down and watch with my family.

Javier is a very endearing character. If people enjoyed Rogelio de la Vega, my character on Jane the Virgin, then I think they will identify with Javier and my very distinctive way of approaching comedy. Javier is different from Rogelio, of course. He is not as flamboyant. He doesn't wear lavender all the time. And he doesn't think he rules the universe. But my familiar comedic characteristics will be present.

Actor Jamie Camil smiling

Photo Credit: Fer Piña.

3. How does it feel to be an EP and have a starring role on the new CBS comedy Broke?

To be honest, I have always produced in one way or another on my projects. Now, though, I do have the official credit on the show. And to be featured in a comedy of this caliber on CBS, not to mention being involved in the creative process, is a true honor and certainly a great opportunity. We are very lucky that we completed our 13-episode order before this coronavirus hit. We even had time to do our season one wrap-up.

4. What was the first day on set like? First scene you filmed? Any memories or fun stories?

The same energy we had on Jane the Virgin is here on Broke. It is really a love fest; I can't think of a better word. We have all heard about those Hollywood horror stories how the leads can't stand each other. But we all get along. We all care about each other, and I think that very element translates in the finished product. We were immediately comfortable and having fun on the set and simply thankful that we all have jobs.

Natasha Leggero, Pauley Perrette , Jaime Camil, Antonio Raul Corbo, and Izzy Diaz on the set of TV show Broke.

Natasha Leggero as Elizabeth, Pauley Perrette as Jackie, Jaime Camil as Javier, Antonio Raul Corbo as Sammy, Izzy Diaz as Luis in Broke.

Photo Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS.

5. Tell us about your co-stars Pauley Perrette, Natasha Leggero, Antonio Raul Corbo, and Izzy Diaz.

These actors are truly sweethearts. They are so gifted; they are so giving; and as castmates we just like to give to each other. Each has their own personality, and we make sure that we all shine and we all bring our best on set. The pilot already felt like a truly established show just shooting another episode. And I believe that Izzy will be the standout character. What Sean Hayes was to Will & Grace is how I think Izzy will resonate on Broke.

Actor Jaime Camil in a T-shirt and jeans.

Photo Credit: Fer Piña.

6. Why did you decide to become an actor?

Actually, I really wanted to be a singer. I have albums out there, but when I was asked to be lead on a sitcom in Mexico I figured if I was on screen I could sell shows with my band. And then another acting opportunity came, and another one, and more, and I believe it was life telling me this was the direction I needed to go. So, you could say it was accident, but I always knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry. I just began at a different category in the beginning.

7. You started your career as a singer and we got to see some of that talent in Jane The Virgin. What song is most likely to be heard coming from your dressing room? Will Javier be having any musical moments on Broke too?

Oh yes on Javier…I will be singing in an upcoming Cinco de Mayo episode, in a funny kind of way. And, from my dressing room you might be hearing a tune or two, both current and from the soundtrack of my life, here and there. It's a great form of fun and relaxation.

8. What's on your music playlist right now?

Bruno Mars and Charlie Puth, in particular. I guess I like pop music and rhythm & blues. But I do enjoy all types of genres.

Actor Jaime Camil wearing a flannel.

Photo Credit: Fer Piña.

9. When not filming Broke or when being coronavirus quarantined as we all are now, what do you like to do? (Do you have a hidden talent, passion project, or creative pursuit that your fans may not know about you?)

I like extreme sports and I enjoy riding my motorcycle. We have a boat in Marina del Rey and we like to go to Catalina Island. And, really, my passion is my family. Anything I can do with my family is on the top of my list, particularly as my kids grow up.

10. What TV shows are you currently binge-watching or catching up on?

I started binge watching Tiger King on Netflix. Oh my God! It's like an alternate universe. It is just insane, great, disturbing, real; it's all the feelings in one show. And I am happy that Ozark has come back. I cannot wait to start Season 3.

Actor Jaime Camil in a gray suit.

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11. You speak four languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. What's your advice for someone who wants to learn a new language … either young or later in life? What's your favorite thing about each of these languages? Will Javier be a polyglot on Broke?

I would suggest just diving into any new language you want to learn without hesitation. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to get corrected. And are probably going to screw up big time. But that is the way to learn and embrace it. And, I do believe Javier also speaks Spanish; maybe Italian. He has been around, and he used to have properties in Italy and in other places. So, I imagine he has a multi-language capacity.

What I personally like is singing in English, which is a language that really flows from one word to another. Spanish is a romantic language, and I love how rich the vocabulary is.

Actor Jaime Camil sitting on a sitting chair and smiling.

Photo Credit: Fer Piña.

12. Describe how you felt when you first read the Broke script? If you had to describe the show in three words, what would you pick?

Fun, family, and heart. And these are the three words why I think Broke will be a success. IT has them all.

Broke premieres on Thursday, April 2 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS and CBS All Access.

As the CBS mega-hit Hawaii Five-0 builds toward its epic finale, we thought it only fitting to bid an extra-fond aloha to two of the show's biggest fan faves. Alex O' Loughlin and Scott Caan—aka ex-Navy SEAL Steve McGarrett and his wisecracking sidekick Danny "Danno" Williams—share a chemistry that's powered the scenic and sun-soaked police procedural from the start, and to thank them for 10 seasons of spills, chills, and more than a few shirtless thrills, we're spilling a few of our own reasons for secretly crushing on these bad-ass boys of summer.

Don't miss the Hawaii Five-0 series finale on Friday, April 3 at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access.

Alex O’ Loughlin Makes Good Choices

Black and white photo of Alex O'Loughlin hiking.

Photography by Nino Muñoz.

Having starred on two previous dramas—Moonlight and Three Rivers—that didn't last past a season, O'Loughlin told Watch in 2017 that he was uncertain about taking a role in Hawaii Five-0. "I didn't know anything about Hawaii. I asked everyone, 'What do I do? Is this the right move?'" But move he did—at the urging of friends and colleagues—and the rest is TV history.

Alex O’ Loughlin Has A Sense Of Place

Black and white photo of Alex O'Loughlin.

Photography by Nino Muñoz.

"People say these islands either embrace you or push you away," O'Loughlin told Watch in 2017. "I found myself, as a gift from the islands, being blessed in and given a Hawaiian name. I found all sorts of things drawing me in deeper and deeper."

Scott Caan Is Endearingly Humble

Black and white photo of Scott Caan sitting in a garden.

Photography by Emily Shur.

"I'm just trying to have fun," Caan told Watch in 2011 when we brought up his Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actor. "It's a nice thing when people say nice things about you. ... I didn't realize I was insecure until I turned 30. I always thought I was the [bomb], and then I turned 30 and I'm like, 'Wait a minute, I've got all kinds of fears and insecurities.' So, it's a nice thing."

Scott Caan Learns From His Past

Black and white photo of Scott Caan smoking a cigar in a hot tub.

Photography by Emily Shur.

"I've done so many stupid things in my life that at this point, if I don't have to risk getting hurt, I won't," Caan told Watch in 2011, on the subject of doing his own stunts. "I've fallen off horses, motorcycles, cliffs, skateboards, surfboards, busted my head open, and gotten stitches and surgeries all over my body. They don't pay me enough to hurt myself on this show."

Alex O’Loughlin Takes It For The Team

Black and white photo of Alex O'Loughlin shirtless.

Photography by Nino Muñoz.

Though O'Loughlin elected to do most of his own stunts throughout Hawaii Five-0's early seasons, he soon learned this was a mistake. "I blew one of my knees, I've torn ligaments and tendons, ankles, both shoulders, both wrists," he told Watch in 2017. "My current favorite injury," he said at the time, "is two herniated discs in my lower lumbar, which I'm receiving stem cell treatment for to avoid surgery."

Alex O’ Loughlin Keeps His Cool

Black and white portrait of Alex O'Loughlin wearing a leather jacket.

Photography by Nino Muñoz.

"I've had the great fortune of being exposed to a lot of Navy SEALs, who've helped me with the character," O'Loughlin told Watch in 2017. "They're terrific guys," he said. "But being like them requires a specific sort of energy, and I have to manufacture that energy. At the end of the day it's like, 'Keep calm and have another cold one.' "

Scott Caan Brings The Chemistry

Black and white portrait of Scott Caan.

Photography by Emily Shur.

In his 2011 interview with Watch, Alex O'Loughlin recalled his first meeting with his new co-star, and told us that despite Caan's apparent distractedness, their chemistry was instant. "... He'd just landed, and we got in the van and drove to the table read. He was texting his new girlfriend at the time, and I was like, 'Really?'," O'Loughlin said, chuckling. "But I realized in that moment that, OK, this is cool. We just riffed. The bromance began."

Alex O’Loughlin Is A Family Guy

Black and white photo of Alex O'Loughlin riding a vintage motorcycle.

Photography by Nino Muñoz.

When he was a few years into filming Hawaii Five-0, friends from his native Australia helped O'Loughlin rebuild a midcentury home with "spectacular bones" that he discovered in Diamond Head. He later married the Hawaiian surfer and model Malia Jones with whom he had a son, Lion, and completed the family picture with his teenage son Saxon, and Jones' son Spike from a previous marriage.

Alex O’Loughlin Believes In Something Bigger

Black and white photo of Alex O'Loughlin hiking.

Photography by Nino Muñoz.

"I'm about to use the G word to embrace the scope," O'Loughlin told Watch in 2017. "I don't know what's out there. I don't know whether there's a God or whether there's lots of gods or whether there's just universal energy, but I know from what's happened that there's something bigger than me."

Don't miss the Hawaii Five-0 series finale on Friday, April 3 at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access.

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By Yolanda Crous

Originally published in Watch Magazine, March-April 2020.

Watch FBI: Most Wanted on Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS. Stream full episodes on CBS All Access.


Kellan Lutz and wife in Philadelphia in front of Rocky statue.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kellan Lutz.

My wife, Brittany, and I moved from L.A. to Brooklyn because FBI: Most Wanted shoots in and around New York City. One thing that's cool about living here is how close the cities are on the East Coast. We drove to Philadelphia. I sent Sylvester Stallone a picture and video of myself doing the stairs from Rocky. The other weekend we went up to Stowe, Vermont, to watch the leaves change. Next up: Washington, D.C., so Brittany can visit the monuments.


Zelda video game box art.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nintendo.

When I get home from work, I hang out with Brittany, hang out with my dog, then I space out for an hour playing The Legend of Zelda video game nonstop.


Kellan Lutz and his dog.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kellan Lutz.

I like working with my Australian Shepherd because she's so smart. We do Zoom Room, the agility dog-training gym. She'll go through tunnels and jump through tires. She makes me such a proud dad.


See-through Buuble hotel room in Iceland with the Northern Lights above.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Buuble.

Brittany and I went in the summertime, when the sun never fully sets. We stayed at the Buubble hotel; our room was literally a giant bubble. So the sun wasn't setting, it started to rain, and we were wide awake at 4 a.m., drinking hot cocoa and just laughing. It was surreal—and one of my favorite trips.


A single handweight.

Photo Credit: Brostock/Getty Images.

I go to the F45 gym—it's a great mix of cardio and weights. And (FBI: Most Wanted co-stars) Julian McMahon, Roxy Sternberg, and I created a little gym inside our TV studio in Greenpoint. Now we have so many people on set working out; we're up to doing 100 push-ups a day!


In-N-Out sign.

Photo Credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images.

When we lived in Venice Beach, California, we were super close to an In-N-Out Burger. We're missing it. It's our two-year wedding anniversary, and I had the idea of, "Hey, let's fly to the closest In-N-Out," which is in Dallas! We love doing random things like that: Take a four-hour flight, get the In-N-Out, and then fly back. No luggage needed.


Actor Kellan Lutz and his wife.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kellan Lutz.

It's on the bottom of my email: "If you don't learn to be happy where you're at, you'll never get to where you want to be." You can choose to be miserable trying to reach your goals or you can enjoy the journey.

Originally published in Watch Magazine, March-April 2020.

Watch FBI: Most Wanted on Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS. Stream full episodes on CBS All Access.

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By Brantley Bardin

His friends call him Tommy, so when Thomas Sadoski was first asked if he was interested in joining a new show called Tommy starring Edie Falco, he remembers saying, "Edie Falco is playing me? That's not a direction I would have thought to go … but I'm all about it!"

Married to actress Amanda Seyfried, with whom he has a 3-year-old daughter, Sadoski has been blessed with a career as a Tony-nominated stage, film, and TV actor. Now, fresh off of CBS' Life in Pieces, he has indeed joined the Tommy team, although he's left the eponymous starring role to Falco, who plays a hotshot New York City detective turned L.A.'s first female chief of police, Abigail Thomas.

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski.

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski.

Photo Credit: Walter McBride/Getty Images.

Sadoski steps in to play Mayor Buddy Gray, an often antagonistic, ethically torn politician forced to hire Thomas when his last chief is caught in a sex scandal. Says Sadoski of the engrossing blend of cop show, procedural, and family drama created by two-time Oscar nominee Paul Attanasio: "This isn't all detectives and beat cops. It's a behind-the-scenes look at what's going on in the police department, with main characters who are PR people, scriptwriters, and other employees of the mayor's office." And, he adds, "The vibe on the set is incredible!"

Watch Tommy on Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS. Stream full episodes of CBS All Access.

Thomas Sadoski and Edie Falco on the set of TV show Tommy.

Thomas Sadoski as Mayor Buddy Gray and Edie Falco as Abigail "Tommy" Thomas in new CBS drama Tommy.

Photo Credit: JoJo Whilden/CBS.

Well, Edie Falco is spectacular, so—

Yes! And when you have a great writer like Paul, and Edie as your number one? This was a no-brainer. It's exactly what I want to be doing.

Thomas Sadoski in a suit.

Joseph Lyle Taylor as Doug Dudik and Thomas Sadoski as Mayor Buddy Gray in the new CBS drama Tommy.

Photo Credit: David M. Russell/CBS.

How would you describe Buddy?

He is a politician with all the good and the bad that goes with that. He's at a crossroads in terms of what it means to continue being a person in power and a person of integrity. Both things are at constant war within him.

Which gets him and Tommy into some riveting push-and-pull games.

Constant push and pull. When they're on the same page, they're unstoppable. When they're in opposition, it's cataclysmic.

Thomas Sadoski and Edie Falco on the set of TV show Tommy.

Thomas Sadoski as Mayor Buddy Gray and Edie Falco as Abigail "Tommy" Thomas in Tommy.

Photo Credit: Phil Caruso/CBS.

With Tommy being a female police chief and an out lesbian, the show is inherently feminist. I follow the axiom "Real men are feminists." Do you?

Well, yeah. Any man who's scared of female empowerment is saying more about themselves than about a woman in power.

Edie Falco in a police uniform.

In Tommy, multiple Emmy Award-winner Edie Falco stars as a former high-ranking NYPD officer who becomes the first female chief of police for Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS.

You were set to star in a new Broadway play, Grand Horizons, right about now but pulled out. Tommy's 12 episodes will all have been shot, so why leave?

Because my lovely wife is working on the new David Fincher movie, and I need to be present for our daughter—and for Amanda—during that time. It's a perpetual negotiation between art and what we need to do to be the kind of parents and partners we want to be. What we do for a living comes very much second. That's not necessarily always true in this industry.

What? I'm shocked!

Right? [Laughs.] We're both from blue collar backgrounds, and we take pride in that and work hard for everything we've been able to accomplish. And we take family very, very seriously. I was talking to my manager the other day and said, "The places I used to find inspiration and fulfillment were always onstage." And that's not to say that still doesn't happen. It's just that when I wake up and see my daughter, that feeling is greater than I have ever known.

Thomas Sadoski on the set of Tommy.

Thomas Sadoski as Mayor Buddy Gray.

Photo Credit: Phil Caruso/CBS.

You were born in New Haven, Connecticut, but grew up in College Station, Texas, home of the Texas A&M Aggies. That's where you first fell in love with community theater, but I hear you're a big jock, too.

I'm a huge football, baseball, and soccer fan, and I am not afraid to park my ass in front of a TV. [Laughs.] One of the greatest moments of my life was when I was single-daddying it. My daughter looked at me and said, "Dad, can I watch soccer with you?" I almost wept! I can be a real softie, but a real jock, too.

Thomas Sadoski sitting on a tractor.

Photo Credit: Christopher Ross.

Dream combo. One last question. Tommy tackles a slew of serious topics, such as illegal immigration, police brutality, and sex trafficking, but it's also—

—extremely entertaining. The issues we deal with aren't going to strip away your ability to enjoy yourself on a Thursday evening—Tommy's actually going to enhance your ability!

Watch Tommy on Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS. Stream full episodes of CBS All Access.

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